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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. I think it's Lisa that sounds particularly strained on The Runner, and that's not surprising as her voice has really deepened over the years. They could have definitely dropped it a bit for her, especially considering how much lower Lee sings his verse. But everyone else sounds ok.

    It's not their most polished song. But it's just a really fun track. I love it.
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  2. W2K


    No thanks.
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  3. So not many "general" sales so far then
  4. I think Steps have had their preorder out much, much longer though. They were high on both iTunes and Amazon physicals for a while. So, hopefully they've already bagged a decent amount of preorders over time.
  5. Two of my signed deluxe editions of the album have arrived. I’m a bit shocked because they were the last things to dispatch. Bonkers post!
  6. MB


    One person really wanted to know, Claire, did you ever get your British Gas problem sorted?

    H: What?!

    Faye: [laughs] Oh my god, that’s amazing! Did you put that on Twitter or something?

    Claire: Listen, that is all Twitter is good for, complaining about stuff! Apart from that, it’s a vile, vile place. Actually, the only other thing I go on Twitter for is when The Masked Singer is on. I can’t remember what the problem was, but whenever you complain on Twitter, they respond immediately, so it’s fantastic.
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  7. The Karenism!
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  8. That's a good little interview.

    Pause for a few years pretty much confirmed.
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  9. She’s right though, let’s not act like she isn’t.
  10. Question: Does anyone else know if orders received before release week (IE today) effect the chart position?
  11. It's kind of a bummer that Covid forced the delay of the "What the Future Holds" tour because it would've been nice to see them go on a break with a big 25th Anniversary tour.
    Hopefully the break isn't longer that 2 years and they come back full force because I need another proper Steps show before things wrap.
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  12. I was under the impression that everything shipped before Thursday counts towards that weeks charts. I remember that screwed over 5 Seconds Of Summer a couple albums back in America but not sure if it’s such a thing here.
  13. SBK


    They report at like 4am tomorrow morning for next weeks chart regardless of when they were dispatched, otherwise no one would dispatch before tomorrow.

    So long as the barcodes are registered with the OCC and the retailers report on release day its fine.
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  14. Got it. Good to know.

    Can't wait to get mine tomorrow.
  15. I think a ‘few years’ would be too long. They have a decent momentum with the last few years, and can’t continue Steps forever.

    I reckon maybe a 12-month break and a new single towards the end of next year.
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  16. Great interview (other than the obvious lack of proof-reading). Just regarding the physical sales vs streaming, surely they will get far more money out of physical sales, than streaming? Is that right?
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  17. 100% - streaming is peanuts as it is, but split 6 ways... nothing
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    I don’t think we’ll see them until 2024 at the earliest, probably following the Tears on the Dancefloor/originally planned What The Future Holds release times.
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  19. Anyone pointed out yet that Lisa’s verse in The Runner isn’t on the Three Degree’s or Bananarama’s version. Her verse written new for Steps so all 5 can have a lead?
  20. SBK


    The lately hit-maker struts out of the studio having changed the words and claimed a third....
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