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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Faye asking if she put it "on Twitter or something" as if she doesn't know that's exactly what happened.
  2. Good point - looking at the last few years, we have had:
    2017 - New single, album, arena tour, deluxe
    2018 - Summer tour
    2019 - Preparation/recording
    2020 - New single, album
    2021 - Arena tour, ‘deluxe’
    2022 - Summer tour

    So at a guess…
    2023 - Preparation/recording
    2024 - New single, album, arena tour
    2025 - Summer tour

    It really depends how many eras they want to complete before they retire from Steps…
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  3. MB


    It might depend on how well this collection does to be fair. So if ever there was a time to get a copy (or 10) nows the time!
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  4. I really don't get the need for the "wrap things up" kinda talk...

    Steps is in a good place now, they're current work in many people's eyes surpasses the work of the original era (despite not being so official charts successful) and after this collection, I dont think they are in a situation to need to worry about the nostalgia.

    I understand it's their job and it can be quite heavy at times, but while fascination are around them, and unless the fandom turn their backs on them, I could potentially see them performing for another decade or two, with new campaigns every 3-4 years. Not as the Steps we know now, but as the future Steps.
  5. I really wish they used this compilation to do some international promo. However I don't think they are up for that.
  6. SBK


    Steps aren't going to wrap it up now, if they ever do (and I don't expect them to any time soon) they'll make sure they do it with a big arena tour.
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  7. Got my dispatch e-mail. It's getting real now.
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  8. I can't believe the flashmob mix of Deeper Shade of Blue is just that 2 minute affair. Here I was thinking it will be some glorious Initial Talk Remix..
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  9. SBK


    Based on?
  10. TMI


    If the flashmob remix is exactly what we heard last year, nothing more and nothing less in time, I think I’m ok. I like that funny mix.
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  11. Based on the Euphoria interview, if this is it for a while, god we’ve been so lucky to have them waving the pop flag so exceptionally for us.
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  12. I wonder if we might get vinyl releases of the first 3 albums in their resting period to tide us over.
  13. Ezz


    I'm sure there's an answer buried in the thread but my Google site search skills are failing, so apologies for a duplicate question, but just wondering how the logistics of the HMV signings work based on anyone's previous experience? Is it a case of picking up your album and wristband from the usual counter / till, then join the queue for the actual timings? Hoping to arrive in good time but with the vagaries of public transport and my general state of confusion, any insight would be most appreciated!
  14. I was at the Birmingham one for WTFH Pt2
    Show email order at main counter and recieve cd/vinyl along with wrist band.
    You can join the queue quite early if wanted some like to get there early just obviously dont leave it too late. Last time a member of management asked for name and then relayed it to lisa that signed the name (would be easier I'd they do post it notes which could help avoid spelling)
    Then it's like a conveyer belt you speak to the first lot then whoever is in the middle and then to the end so there's usually 3 people getting stuff signed/chat at one time.

    Experiences can vary depending on If they're pushed for time/size of queue etc

    Hope you have a great time
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  15. Ezz


    Perfect, thanks so much! Was trying to watch a video of one in Leeds, but you've set the scene perfectly.
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  16. Woo loving the tour mixes of "One For Sorrow", "Tragedy" and "Stomp" on the Deluxe version!!
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  17. TMI


    It’s the Steve Anderson mixes. They leaked a few years ago. Have you interviewed him yet?
  18. Tomorrow!
  19. TMI


    You may start your interview about how you are loving the new mixes on the collection and ask him where the brilliant idea of the wedding march came from.
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  20. Or you be a complete fangirl and not stop talking about them before going on to ask him to upload a few more...
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