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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Random thoughts listening to the album

    Scared Of The Dark - really as good as any of the original run of hits
    Tragedy - despite it being annoying that it always gets performed last, is the basic Steps fan favourite etc, it probably really does deserve to be
    Love's Got A Hold On My Heart - good to see it so high up the tracklisting as it sometimes feels overlooked. In my top 5.
    Something In Your Eyes - was underwhelmed with this at first, but has grown on me so much
    Story Of A Heart - whenever I hear this now, I just want it to transform into the 7th Heaven Mix halfway through
    After The Love Has Gone - feels like hardest done by being left off the standard edition
    Take Me For A Ride / A Hundred Years Of Winter - still think these are not up to usual standard and would really hope that if we're lucky enough to get another album we get better singles than these
    To The Beat Of My Heart - such a banger, deserved more of a "moment"
    Happy - possibly the album cut that deserved to be a single the most
  2. I’ll gladly buy the splatter vinyl if you do want to cut the bundle price though. @ management
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  3. I’ll wait until the picture disc is down to like £8 on Amazon like what happened to the What The Future Holds one.
  4. If they reduce the price on the deluxe before the week is out I'll buy a copy.
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  5. That's true, although "get them to number one and we'll carry on" could be seen as the same type of promo. Like someone said they are all playing the same game, they all want it.
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  6. This is making me nervous hehe.
  7. Just bought a signed vinyl for my Uncle. I'm not really sure there's any more I can do for them. I want the number one so much for them but there Is a limit.

    I've been streaming on Spotify. If I switch to Amazon music for a bit will that help?
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  8. None of my personalised signed copies have shipped so that's surely another few hundred to go out the door.
  9. Do we think we have had our ‘thing’ for today - the vinyl bundle?

    I feel like they still have something up their sleeve for tomorrow, but I guess it will be a digital offer, rather than a physical?
  10. W2K


    Yeah the only way I'm buying another version of this is if there's new content, surely Gareth Shortland's done a few more mixes of the hits?!
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  11. I could do with a cheap, last minute signed CD deal if any emerge before the week is out.
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  12. Chuck in Dancing Queen and Light Up The World mixed!
  13. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I'm surprised how much I enjoy them when they mostly fell flat for me with the newer material.
    I guess the difference between the original and a current sound is just bigger? That or those songs just can't be ruined.
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  14. Unless you think it's going to be 1 sale in it you're probably not going to make any difference with streaming for the sake of helping them in the charts.. it's 1000 plays for 1 sale, and there's limit in how many plays count per day per person
  15. I’ve just realised the Aitch vs. H chart battle. What a moment.
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  16. What they're doing with this Greatest Hits is far superior to what they did with Will Young's retrospective collection.... Well done Fascination, you know exactly what we want...

    Just one more digital bundle tomorrow please (surely there's a new Tragedy or 5678 mix somewhere)
  17. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Very intrigued whether I actually will get the 2CD or not.
  18. SBK


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  19. I wouldn’t be nervous, it looks like their lead is only slightly smaller than it was on Monday (at a guess, down from 8k to 6-7k). Aitch isn’t going to catch them up.

    They’ve got this.
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