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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. I wanted this photo in my iTunes and just made this cover for the Pre-Party/Party Edition if anyone wants it:

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  2. W2K


    Love’s Got a Hold on My Heart up next. What a bop.
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  3. Not a criticism but I’m wondering how many unique customers each of these albums has
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  4. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Still fond memories of 'streaming' the video in Realplayer format from Gensteps back in the day.
    Why they don't start their summer tour spinning around is beyond me.
  5. MB


    I will always remember seeing this performance. I’m pretty sure it was the first they’d performed it and there was zero notice and I just happened to be tuned into Blue Peter at the time. The yellow, the bop, the start of the second album chapter. What a time to be alive!
  6. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I'm pretty sure a performance was it's first introduction for me too. The outfits and hair matches (though I'm not sure now I notice Claire's very questionable extensions?), way it's shot... I'm not sure. A lot of things took me by surprise back then, like I suddenly saw the Tragedy video on MTV counting down the UK charts while still feeling like we just started the Steps One era (though I doubt I even thought in 'eras' back then, but it was still very much 'woah, where did that come from??')
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  7. Last updates were 2021 for the What the Future Holds albums and 2020 for Tears, but they were:
    • Tears on the Dancefloor - 126k (Nov 2020)
    • What the Future Holds - 83k (Dec 2021)
    • What the Future Holds Part 2 - 37k (Nov 2021)
    They shouldn't have done a "Part 2". It should have been given a totally different name, and it probably would have sold on par with Part 1. I wonder if, to this day, a lot of people think it was just a deluxe as opposed to a new album.

    Part 2's total sales are less than Part 1's first week. So they definitely left a lot on the table.
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  8. Happy to hear there'll be a gold circle! - I assume that's for Walton-on-Thames?
  9. The single sided promo is the Reception Mix - playing it right now.
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  10. As a child, I had such a fascination with how a woman’s hair could be short one minute and long the next.

    Claire was really the poster girl for that.
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  11. Shame they didn't give us the Blue Peter performance of Last Thing, that would've been nice in HD.
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  12. Creatively, Part 2 doesn't stand up as an album in its own right, IMHO. It should've just been a deluxe re-issue of Part 1.
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  13. I didn’t understand why it wasn’t - as much as it’s good to have the new songs, it would’ve shown stronger sales for What The Future Holds overall. A la The Fame/The Fame Monster.

    I’m assuming the Tears figure of 126k includes the Deluxe?
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  14. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I still wonder how much of us getting it as it was had to do with Covid/them planning a break after the 25th year and just 'cleaning up the shelves'
  15. I thought it was because there was still a long gap before the tour, that a re-release wouldn’t fill.
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  16. I am really surprised to see still nobody is confident yet! The lead is v healthy!
  17. I just know that if I allow myself to be excited, I’ll end up disappointed somehow.
  18. I get it, the last two albums I’ve been in and out of these threads nervously checking but this time I just feel.. really chill?

    @MB if I see you again at Pride this year and they HAVE done it, I’ll buy you a drink!
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  19. Actually, yes you're totally right. It's not a strong standalone album, but would have been a very good value deluxe package.
    Yes, it does. And yeah, agree, then both of their new studio albums would have over 100k, which is not to be sniffed at nowadays.
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  20. MB


    Aww thank you but unfortunately I’m not going this year but I’ll certainly be raising a glass in their honor if they do it!
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