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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. I can hear it - I don’t want to but I can
  2. W2K


    Flop fan x
  3. According to the buzzjack forum, the album is up to #14 in today's chart update.
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  4. Last thing on my mind really is still that bitch
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  5. Has anyone noticed Claire seems to be singing something beginning with an F during the first chorus?
  6. Love’s Got A Hold On My Fart.
  7. "S.O.S." and "There's no escape!" are iconic...

    ... but when Faye starts that first verse "I'm calling out, won't somebody out there hear my S.O.S.?", that always gets me and I go crazzzzzy every single time, especially when hearing it live at summer gigs.

    That opening line should be rewarded "Best Pop First Verse Ever" along side Backstreet Boys' "You areeeeee.... my fire". ICONIC!
  8. It really is such a bop! Definitely up there with their best. I always think it’s middle tier but the second it starts it’s just pure joy

    Fab routine, fab video, just a really great era for them. My only gripe is one of the CDs has a purple background that doesn’t work with the yellow outfits and H has really bad mascara on haha
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  9. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

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  10. W2K


    Morning Steppers! I’m just heading from Glasgow to my hometown in Staffordshire to see Steps and Louise at Trentham tomorrow. Very excited, very tired.

    Anyone else going tomorrow night?
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  11. EB5D8416-5AF8-4377-991C-F6DBBC79A451.jpeg

    2 shows tonight. Can’t wait
  12. Having a moment with Love’s Got A Hold On My Heart today!

    What a bop! What a band! We are not worthy!
  13. Ooooh hope this will be a nice acoustic sesh
  14. I fucking hope not.
  15. There's a glitterball, I'm sure they will get up and do Tragedy after When I Said Goodbye, Words Are Not Enough, High, Hold My Heart and the Q&A.
  16. That’ll be for the second show
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  17. SBK


    Thinking of you at this difficult time.
  18. I will be there! Cant wait!
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  19. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    With these acoustic versions.. does anyone know if any of the acoustics we got from the Future albums were with new/different vocals? I think a few sounded like it but after how different Heartbeat 25 sounds with just a different instrumental I'm not so sure anymore?
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