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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. I got this but ignored it because I wasn't in a rush. Then got an email that it was scheduled to arrive September 12th yesterday morning only for it to wind up on my doorstep last night, much to my surprise.
  2. I completely agree; why do a [recent] cover that repeats itself? But really, they should’ve held The Slightest Touch for this release.
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  3. 100% agree.
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  4. W2K


    I’m in two minds about saving The Slightest Touch for this album.

    It’s one of their best covers by a long way. But considering what has (or hasn’t) been done with Hard 2 Forget and The Runner, and the fact that we’ve had no performance of either, I wouldn’t have wanted The Slightest Touch to suffer the same fate.

    The tour performance of The Slightest Touch was probably my biggest highlight of that show, so in that sense I’m happy we got it before the Platinum Collection.

    They’re not setting any singles charts alight anymore anyway so again, I’m not sure it would’ve made much difference.
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  5. MB


    I'm so excited about the tour DVD performance of Slightest Touch. If it doesn't blow my mind I'll be disappointed - especially the dance instrumental part as that really went 'off' on tour.
    I'm fully expecting to be disappointed.
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  6. Will tomorrow's 90's gig go ahead?
  7. I think its given the promoters a reason to cancel, they've cancelled a few this summer! I should be going but part of me feels some late night or early morning announcement is incoming.
  8. They sent through an FAQ email at 8pm but it could have been pre-planned. I’d be very shocked if it went ahead.
  9. MB


    Someone has posted an email reply in the ultimate steps Facebook page from JBM saying tomorrows gig is going ahead.
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  10. LPT


    I hope so, I'm on a plane waiting to come over! (No wellies though...)
  11. Looks like Lisa's on the plane to the UK so that looks promising for tonight.
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  12. MB


    90's baby have posted that it's still going ahead. People have been kicking off on the facebook group saying it's disrespectful etc but I guess the efforts been put into the gig - staffing it, food/drink vendors, acts, security, staging etc so it makes sense to go ahead and I'm sure they'll be a minutes silence held (just before bursting into 5678 as I'm sure that was the Queen's fave).
  13. LPT


    They could always ... Not go ?!
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  14. Let’s hope
  15. 3rd week down 26 to #47
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  16. SBK


    Its not dropping as quickly as I expected, was kinda expecting it to be out of the top 100 this week... hopefully has a couple more weeks in it.
  17. Steps were on great form last night in Walton-on-Thames. I thought the setlist was fantastic and they all seemed to be having a ball. They all referenced having family and friends in the crowd, and Claire said how she only lived up the road so this was her “home turf”. It was wonderful to see one of my favourite acts up so close, having so much fun. A great night.

    I was in the Golden Circle which meant a great view, but my goodness there were so many people who were absolutely off their heads drunk. They were literally falling in to people, into the barriers, across the floor and rolling around in the mud etc. Some were pulling lots of non-golden circle people over the barriers and into the circle as well which could have been pretty dangerous. I saw security carry at least one person out about an hour and a half before Steps even came onstage.

    After a sad couple of days with the news of the Queen’s passing this night was a real treat. Such a fun group to see live and they seem better now than ever.
  18. In other news; Heartbreak in this City was the lip sync song in Drag Race Down Under this week. Looks like someone in editing used the wrong song though- it was the Steps only edit in the version I watched
  19. W2K


    They definitely used the right version in that case...
  20. [​IMG]

    Did they know?
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