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Just watched the full show. I forgot how relentless the setlist was. Phew.

So many highlights - After the Love Has Gone, Something in Your Eyes, The Slightest Touch, Devil/Vogue, Summer of Love to name a few. The ever-so-slightly clubbier version of Scared of the Dark is also great.

You can tell it was Faye’s first and last show back, she has an extra fire in her belly which is wonderful to see.

After the Love Has Gone, Last Thing on My Mind, Heartbeat were completely absent of Lee footage which is really unfortunate, especially on Heartbeat. I for one really missed him - Steps just isn’t the same without all 5.

Some of the editing was a choice, but the fact that we got this at all is a miracle.

Overall, the DVD/Blu-ray has captured the feeling at that time. Excitement, nervousness, panic, relief. It’s been a strange experience seeing it once again, and it’s an experience we’ll hopefully never have to deal with again in that way (as great as the show and Steps are).
I manage to have a look at the first minute of the footage as I still don’t have my bluray.
I think it’s a shame they didn’t keep the whole 60-second countdown at the beginning. Getting straight to the last remaining 20-25 seconds withdraws a lot to the building up. It’s easy to complain though. Don’t get me wrong, I really really look forward to my bluray!
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I can only assume with basically a clock and a dark arena there wasn't footage to make it work on video?
But yeah it feels a bit rushed.

I have always imagined they could have recorded some behind-the-scenes stuff like Steps getting prepared (costumes, make up, walking in the corridors in slow motion, getting ready to travel to the future) and shown them on the dvd mixed with audience shots and the clock…

…+ that rocket from that Next Step Tour performance of Deeper Shade of Blue taking Lee out.
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