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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. I’ve got it on CD somewhere if they need it hehe.
  2. Also I’ve got it on my phone right now, just checked.

    Anyway, anyway, anyway, can we talk about the animators who clearly did not study the Last Thing On My Mind video well enough to get Lee’s proportions right?!
  3. 91034AB4-F82C-43E4-9B07-757F62FA2ECD.jpeg 70825E7C-703C-4275-A59F-9AA7031E8B90.jpeg

    Not a fan of this look Clara.
  4. Those glasses are fucking horrid.
  5. W2K


    Jesus fucking Christ.
  6. Are those joke glasses?
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  7. Claire was on Rylan's Radio 2 show at 15:24 today if anyone wants to listen back
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  9. What was she thinking with those bins?
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  10. A niche reference but their 2011-12 manager Steven Howard was in the audience of Strictly last night sat behind Craig.

    My eyes filled with rage at how he treated them…
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  11. Thankfully they (I presume the band) saw that he wasn't doing things for the band and they sought new management!
    All hail Fascination Management!
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  13. W2K


    This is offensive to Linda.
  14. Why is she wearing those saggy old slacks hoiked up with string?
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  15. What do we reckon their setlist for tomorrow will be? Just an hour or more?
  16. It’s an hour, 2130-2230 according to the local paper. I’d imagine it will be the same setlist as Kubix back in July.
  17. I can’t believe we’re a few hours away from our last Steps show and appearance for a while.
  18. Correction: “A very long time!”
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