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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Any PJers going for the show?
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  2. MB


    Birmingham pride tweeted that Mel C and Steps are 8-10 so I’d presume they’ll do an hour each.
    I’m going it’s my 7th show this summer. I’m not even sure how that happened as I said I’d only do 3 maximum but least I’ve had my fill to tide me over for the long wait!
  3. Just put on the vinyl and am still a bit outraged that Here & Now and Say You’ll Be Mine aren’t on there. It feels incomplete to me without them.
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  4. It was announced that Steps are representing the UK at Eurovision next year at Pride tonight. I am desperately clinging onto the hope that I got the wrong end of the stick and that isn't the case... Can someone with better English than me, who was also there confirm/discredit?
  5. I would be so surprised tbh they have said multiple times they wouldn’t do it/were split on doing it. Must’ve either been a joke or a misunderstanding!
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  6. MB


    Charity Shop Sue who was introducing Steps said she was representing the Uk at Eurovision as a joke. Not Steps so don’t panic.
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  7. MB


    Yesterdays gig was a strange one. It was great but it did feel a bit “final” dare I say it. There were a lot of hugs and a few tears. Big thank you speeches (like longer than usual and Claire did a full speech thanking a full list of people)
    Lee “that’s it for 2022 see you in the future”
    Lsl “it’s not over yet”
    Claire “last show for a while”
    “We don’t know what the future holds but here’s a song about it”
    Lsl was really giving it 300% more so than ever! I do think we’ve got a longer break than we had last time and I think it’ll be a 30th anniversary farewell tour before we hear from them again.
  8. W2K


    I honestly thought we’d get a Girls Aloud-style statement last night, I had a really bad feeling.

    I’m very happy we haven’t had one yet, but I do feel like we’re in the wilderness more than ever this time.
  9. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I put my money on some/one of them being done with it (for now) and others at least wanting to keep the door open hoping they'll change their mind.
    Also not sure how well the 'doing a whole show as a four and still releasing it while Lee wasn't (fully) there' went down considering that might not have happened as easily if it were any other member.
  10. Let's not forget, they have split up before and it wasn't the end.
    They have kids, some very young, and don't even all live in the same country, so I think it's perfectly natural (and fine) for them to take extended breaks, especially if it means they get some rest, think about other things, and hopefully come back feeling refreshed.

    It also gives all our wallets a well deserved break.
  11. They're due a break. If they decide not to carry on, or just to come back in 5 years for a farewell, that's totally up to them. They've given us more in the last 5 years than I ever expected we'd get, both in terms of quality and quantity.

    Over the last few promo rounds, Lee has seemed quite detached to be honest. I'm sure he really just wants to spend time with the little one and not miss out on such an important time, especially after waiting so long to be father.

    Fully expect we'll get some more solo stuff from Claire, and potentially Faye. Wouldn't surprise me if H attempted it too, but I've absolutely not one desire to hear that. His voice nowadays does not do it for me at all.
  12. W2K


    I’m sure if Lee was that bothered by it then they would’ve pulled the plug on releasing it.
  13. W2K


    And yes I’m fully aware they’re deserving a break, I’m just commenting on how it feels different this time.
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  14. Last night was so much fun and considering I was completely sober that was quite some mission for Steps. Banger after banger and so gorgeous to see the way they interacted with each other having a laugh because it was the last show. I genuinely think it was only tinged with emotion because they know it'll at least be a year before they're back on stage and I'd actually be worried had they not been getting emosh. Had they come out all robotic doing a slick show and going through the motions then it would have been a red flag.

    From where I was stood, they actually went off to the side of the stage and had another group hug before going off. So glad I got to see that!
  15. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Oh I'm sure he approved, it's just that the whole situation might have reinforced the sense of him not exactly being the most.. essential member? Which can't be great.
  16. I think he knows now that they are all essential so let's not do this. It could be argued that Faye has the second most amount of solo singing and she was missing from the show I went to and they still did a fantastic job.
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  17. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Oh I'm not meaning to say that Lee isn't essential. Just that I can imagine that if you're already the one who barely gets to sing that seeing the others go on and do a show without you might not be the greatest feeling in the world. He stated himself that watching back the tour wasn't great for him
  18. I would imagine for many it's a main source of income (and even if its not it helps keep the profile up as in its Faye from Steps, opposed to its Faye that used to be in Steps 5 years ago) so popping up every few years is still most probably on the agenda.

    But with Fayes mum, Lees child etc they most probably want a bit of time at home.
  19. This sounds pretty similar to how they all were on last night of the Party on the Dancefloor tour though.
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  20. I’m so pleased we had them back at all, and the last 5 years have been a blast!

    I’d imagine Claire would do another solo round, I loved her first album.

    In terms of the group, we might see them in a couple of years, an album or two of new material and then go out with a bang for 30 years. Demos, Steve Anderson versions and songs we’ve never even heard about from H’s old CDRs from his memory boxes.
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