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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. I'm so grateful for this extended campaign since 2020. They literally saved my lockdown and became the soundtrack of years filled with insecurity. They have earned a good rest.
  2. I really don't feel it's different to the party era... all we had then was 'to be continued' in a Dancing with a Broken Heart Video.

    But yes, after their busy 3 years they deserve 18 months or so off.
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  3. It's starting to hit home now. What are we going to discuss about now? The weather and the global warming?
  4. Don't worry we still have Too Busy Thinking About My Baby (Official HD Video) to look forward to.
  5. It's time to start manifesting Step One 25 with a glorious deluxe edition and a vinyl.
  6. I would love that.
  7. Has anyone thought of any euro bangers they could cover? That might be an option.
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  8. W2K


    I’m sure you can find some suggestions on 3000 of the 3412 pages of this thread so far x
  9. I know people keep asking for demos and unreleased tracks, but I’m not sure they’re necessary just for the sake of them. If they’re good tracks sure, but I feel like if they were ‘gold’ so to speak, they would have seen the light of day at some point by now.
  10. SBK


    Yeah, and Claire has said before they weren't sat around PWL recording demos. For most of the time by the time they were recording, the tracks had been selected for the albums and most of the stuff recorded was released.

    They only started demoing when they got involved with songwriting around Buzz... so there's probably not much past the couple of track names we've learnt over the years.
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  11. Faye is on House of Games this week.
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  12. W2K


    The Devil/Vogue mashup is SO good, I wish we’d got it as a Steps 25 mix, though I’m sure it might’ve been a copyright nightmare.
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  13. It’s not difficult:

    • Continue releasing the HD videos
    • As each single turns 25 do what The Sats did and release a digital repackage featuring its bside, remixes and a Steve 25 Mix
    • As each album turns 25 release them on vinyl

    • Could also do a GA style singles set which I know a lot of us have asked for
    • And also release a physical copy of all of Steve’s mixes a little later down the line
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  14. W2K


    I love this idea!
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  15. This seems like a possibility
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  16. And knowing the Steps team its likely. Unlike another Brit band whose management sucks at this digital release stuff.
  17. It's a shame we didn't get a one off platinum show to celebrate 25 years as neither of the 2 songs have been performed live as far as I know, I remember Claire mentioning in the tour programme she would love to have done a one off show on the Royal Albert Hall, that would have made a great dvd release
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  18. They one off Albert hall gig has been on the cards since 2011.

    I also don’t think they could have filmed another dvd but the current one had even shipped. Then again we’re all suckers and would have bought it
  19. thought it it been mentioned before

    yeah, you’re probably right but deffo we would have bought anyway, what’s your thoughts on the WTFH tour dvd?
  20. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Lisa has been living her best life the past few days.
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