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thought it it been mentioned before

yeah, you’re probably right but deffo we would have bought anyway, what’s your thoughts on the WTFH tour dvd?
I bought 4 copies of it despite having no way to watch it - our PS4 was our Blu ray player but we got the PS5 with no disc drive

when I get a few days off work, I’m gonna go stay at my mums and watch it there haha
H is to blame for a lot these days!
What else is he to blame for recently? Is he the one membernot committing to the future? (Which would be completely fair enough- he’s got enough on his plate let alone trying to find the headspace to unleash his inner ‘H from Steps’)
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But unless there's nothing 'new' - what's the point?
I mean, I guess that the Spice Girls management just realise that the past is the past and they do do one off releases, but I bet that youve got 5678 and Last Thing On My Mind more times on official formats than Wannabe and Say You'll Be There.

I'd rather have money in my account for any future reunions/tickets/material than being fleeced with the same material over and over...and maybe losing out on stuff *when* new stuff gets released... Even though I'm sure that the scope for Spice material is much wider than Steps' stuff (particularly as far as live concerts here and abroad are considered)
It's a shame we didn't get a one off platinum show to celebrate 25 years as neither of the 2 songs have been performed live as far as I know, I remember Claire mentioning in the tour programme she would love to have done a one off show on the Royal Albert Hall, that would have made a great dvd release

This would have been such a great way to round off the Steps 25 celebrations. I wonder how close the idea ever got to fruition.
I feel so sad for Lisa.

Also, I personally find that Claire seems to have been happier and more pro-Steps this era than last.

Who knows what goes on behind the scenes, but hopefully if there is one or two that are more reluctant than others I hope they can be persuaded to "take the risk" again.