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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. As a super bowl watcher (and not just for the half time show) I would implode.

    I'd be on the table in the bar we watch doing the routines.
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  2. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Anyone outside the UK got their Future Tour yet?
    I don't know how long this is supposed to take but.. it's starting to feel long
  3. Mine was delivered last week and I live in Belgium...
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  4. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Hmm, Netherlands here so that shouldn't be much different. It's not like I ordered any of the things that got shipped later (like the book) either
  5. Shame! :( I got my mail on the day it released and it took maybe a week? Hoping you'll get to watch it soon!
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  6. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Yeah I got my mail that day as well. So it should really be here by now
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  7. I’m off to Amsterdam in a few weeks, I wonder if I’ll beat the dvd haha
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  8. In the US and got it Monday.
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  9. Indonesia and delivered today
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  10. W2K


    Feeling under the weather today so having a day on the sofa and I’m watching a fan made version of the full Party on the Dancefloor show on YouTube (because I’m too lazy to put the DVD in). They really did that and then some.

    It shares its place as my favourite arena tour by any act with Aphrodite - Les Folies, and that’s no mean feat as I never thought anyone would come close to that for me.

    Honoured to be a Steps fan honestly.
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  11. Hmmm not sure there was much done to this one...

  12. I’ve had the audio rip of this for years but it’s interesting to see the whole thing after all this time.

  13. That's a shame was looking forward to see how the concert footage came back and then we could see at least whether a remastered package could be possible for a tour. Looks good enough for a DVD but don't think a bluray is a possibility given the footage. Not even sure whether it's been AI upscaled as still looks heavily compressed In HD
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  14. I dunno why, but every time the oboe plays the tune in Heartbeat I pretty much well-up.
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  15. When are the StepToons getting the HD treatment??!
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  16. Yeah, perhaps they weren't able to find even a Beta SP version for this? If the original source wasn't great then using AI would have probably given that horrible plasticky look. The Vevo "HD" version of the Next Step Tour isn't great either. Of course they would have been filmed in a different way to the music videos anyway, and YouTube compression doesn't help!

    Gonna see if I can do anything with the versions I've got and will let you know.

    Actually I've got an alternative cut of Devil too.. it's not very good though.
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  17. Here's that alternative cut of Devil. Why they decided to add flames and make it look all washed-out I don't know, but the extra tour clips are nice I suppose.

    Not sure whether this came before or after the regular version, or was ever shown on TV. I found it on a compilation DVD.

  18. Oh I never knew there was an alternate cut thank you for sharing! The flame effects don't look great but can see why this version wasn't used
  19. I just watched 5,6,7,8 from WTFH DVD , and I can't believe they didn't show the moment when the dancer jumping high after Groove part. It was a highlight moment for that song for me.
  20. I did think that was a strange editing choice.
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