Steps - General Discussion

I do appreciate that the extras just keep coming.
Anything to dream of for the remaining songs? (Yes please, all dance It's The Way You Make Me Feel)

Heartbeat - Honestly just some behind the scenes stuff of them mucking around.

Tragedy - Can’t think of anything extra I’d want

Deeper Shade Of Blue - Lots of unseen stuff for this one - new footage, especially Lee, all in glorious 4K of course. I’d like a full dance video in the alter ego costumes

It’s The Way You Make Me Feel - I also want a full dance video in the ballroom. It would be majestic

Here & Now - Full dance version would be nice, in the maze

Baby Don’t Dance? - Assuming we will get this since we got the others but don’t expect anything special with it


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I think we already got Here And Now!

Heartbeat raw footage with just the green screen behind them could be fun
A full wedding dance version of Tragedy could be cute but not essential
I think I prefer it in colour and maybe should have always have been in colour. I feel it sums up what steps where about summer, happinesses, bright colours etc in a ballad video, I now realise black and white didn’t suit this video so much. Like the rose at the start should have kept that back in 2000 too
So odd (but amazing) to see it in colour. I remember of Steps Gold DVD they wanted to film in Black & White so they could get away with less makeup, only to find out they needed more makeup to make them standout in black and white.
That’s interesting because, the make-up is very noticeable in the colour version.

It’s quite fun seeing it in colour. They look cold though haha.

I didn’t know about Lisa’s hair either.