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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. I would have thought that the amount of time and effort it would take to do all this work would usually mean the cost of paying someone to do it would make it not worth it - except for the sort of videos that gets 10s or 100s of millions of views, where they probably pay for themselves.

    I guess they've got lucky here that a fan of the group has offered to do it cheaply for them, as a labour of love - and to help him get more work.
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  2. BTW, these were only in SD for a while but have been upgraded to HD

    I'm also working on upscaling the 8 missing TOTP performances and will upload them all before Christmas, provided they don't get blocked

  3. A mixture of upscale and rescanned master.The non-cgi parts were definitely rescanned! So clear. Really enjoy this. Another great job from Chris.
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  4. Gotta say. Really after we get the Heartbeat/Tragedy videos. This thread will go in the comeback corner. I just can't!
  5. Showing as private currently? Did they upload too early?
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  6. I’m not sure what happened but apparently it’s now premiering in 26 minutes:

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  7. Ahhh that was nice - some of the shots looked different like X struggling out of his ropes or am I imagining that?
  8. It’s only fitting he has the thumbnail for this one haha.

    Random memory I’ve just had about this video is when they used the footage of him flying in the sleigh with the ice queen and put it with him talking about flying with Britney in The Reunion while the others got the bus!!
  9. Lisa getting to force-feed H and Lee balloons will remain iconic
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  10. Love this bit
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  11. Another great upscale. The colour really does pop in these. Although the HD does make the green screen more obvious. Haha

    Just one more to go. What ever will that one be?
  12. Nice new stuff there - though, I do wish we’d gotten the oft mentioned sparkler scene!
  13. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Ooh thanks for this cause I turned it off halfway thinking 'I've seen this already'
  14. I’ve never heard about this before! Sounds interesting. You never know, there might be an alternative video out this week.
    I imagine that Tragedy will follow this week or next week at the latest?
  15. Fingers crossed, we finally got the You’ll Be Sorry fan footage so nothing’s impossible
  16. It’s briefly mentioned on the Gold DVD when they do the commentary. Apparently it’s them stood in a diagonal with sparklers but it didn’t really work very well.
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  17. I was thinking the exact same thing. That would be nice to see.

    Still a cute BTS!
  18. Now I am glad they cut that idea.
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