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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. I echo every word.

    Although was slightly obssesd with it early late 99. It was like yes, it's actually going to be on an album! The perfect Steptacular LP opener.
  2. What would be nice is some merch for next year.
    E.g. a singles box set, vinyl reissues or a music video blu Ray.
    I feel like they need to maintain the interest some way during thier inactive time.
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  3. HD Music video bluray - would 100% buy.
  4. Agreed!! Honestly, Steve’s reworkings in general have made me fall back in love with so many of the songs
  5. Vinyl reissues would probably make the most commercial sense. The Stomp All Night and digital re-issues probably make a singles collection redundant - especially as the original singles can be bought cheaply second hand if you naughtily ditched your collection!

    I'd also have a BD but that'd be quite niche too, with most people being happy enough with the YouTube uploads.
  6. Last one (probably)
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  7. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Do we reckon they went with the wedding theme to make it a wedding party staple?
    Cause they sure got that right
  8. Awwww HRH LSL got the final thumbnail.

    And this one didn't 'pop' in 4K/HD just like the others did. Yet still great to have it gleaming

    This year has been great hasn't it. A fantastic tribute to 25 years of a simply Steptacular group. Well done Steps!!!!!
  9. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Yeah the amount of content they've given is amazing.
    I just really wish the Platinum era would have felt as present as the Gold one
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  10. Love the new 4K. Glorious conclusion to a fantastic year of Steps!
    I salute you team Steps & Chris Fox!!
    Now announce the 4K UHD Bluray of the musicvideos please please!
  11. Does anyone here actually thing Tragedy is the best?

    looking forward to watching this later and seeing what’s next
  12. Think this one must be from a Beta SP standard def.. but still a great upscale! Gonna have to watch all the videos in order on the TV at some point.
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  13. This one must be kind of bittersweet for them. So many people have passed since this was filmed and there they are, now in 4K
  14. I still love it
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  15. Oh I love it but I wouldn’t say it’s their best or even in their Top 5
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  16. They have some many good songs, I don’t have the ability to compare.
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  18. It's from 16mm film (according to Chris Fox). 16mm is not bad but the unfortunately Tragedy cinematographer did quite a bad job on this one: dodgy focus puller, harsh lighting, incorrect lens for the group shots.. hence the video wasn't as good as we expected. We can definitely tell that they filmed this video for SD TVs.
  19. Not bad for a song that was initially intended as a BSide.
  20. This is why content is important, as much as possible, you never know what is gonna stick.
    Like The Corrs with the Dreams cover you really never knew what move would send an album stratospheric.
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