Steps - General Discussion

I actually don’t think she’ll do all or mostly covers. There may be covers but I think they’ll be lesser known tracks that she makes her own. If the last three steps albums and her own solo album are anything to go by I think she knows a covers by the numbers album is not what the people want. I mean if she does go more uptempo and gets a few more strictly steps fans on board as well as the exposure from her TV projects… she’s got a chance at getting a second (just about) top ten album.
They could have done an editing for this release indeed, cut some talking, the dvd credits, and put the whole tour intro for example.

But it’s a satisfying suprise treat though! After the chaos that Covid brought, I still can’t thank them enough for the tour release.
I'm just noticing that Heartbreak in this City single mix is doing very well on streaming, it just passed What the Future Holds on Spotify even though the Pt.1 version already had a lot of plays.