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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. I preferred the music that S Club Juniors did. It was Cathy Dennis too wasn't it? I just liked their more electronic dance-y stuff than S Club 7's stuff which always felt like a sort of Motown Lite sound. I will admit I was never much of an S Club 7 fan. None of the members stood out to me enough to be worshipped. I always felt like Jo was about 47 from the time they came out. She is probably the voice of S Club but I was never interested. And the rest of the girls didn't seem to have great voices. Nor the boys for that matter. Though I think I had a crush on Jon for about 5 minutes.
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  2. I have woke up with it my head every day.

  3. This is like saying you prefer water from H2o.
    S Club Juniors and S Club literally released the same type of music.
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  4. Sundown and New Direction > S Club 7's entire catalogue though.
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  5. It was a different sound. It really was. I know it sounds silly but there was a little bit of a moodier edge to S Club Juniors music. It was like Kylie rejects and I enjoyed that. S Club 7 just weren't for me. Not with their 147 ballads that all sounded like the same song. And the rest being that Fauxtown sound.
  6. I have all albums (and many CD singles) from both. It was the same sound.
    This was hardly a Sugababes vs Atomic Kitten sound variation. At all.
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  7. Ok.. I just revisited some of their stuff on YouTube. And yes there is a lot of that exact same stuff that S Club 7 did... Awful saccharine teeth achingly sweet childish music. But then there is Sundown which is serving up Kylie vs ABBA. Also the fantastic New Direction which is very Kylie too.
  8. I had blanked Automatic High and Puppy Love from my memory...
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  9. Awww Automatic High was cute
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  10. I got this album at the weekend and haven't stop playing it since. It's brilliant.
    "Tears on a Dancefloor" needs to be a single.
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  11. Well I like their 2 Kylie reject songs. The rest not so much.
  12. Happy is becoming my favourite of the bunch after Story Of A Heart. It's gloom at its best!
  13. "Neon Blue" was my initial favourite. Grabbed me right away and was an instant classic. I still stand by that BUT now "Glitter and Gold" is my favourite and the one I skip to first, listen on repeat and can't get out of my head. Question is, STRATEGICALLY speaking which of the two would make a better third single? "Glitter and Gold" is definitely edgier/more contemporary and may open Steps up to an audience that usually would dismiss them. On thw other hand, "Neon Blue" may appeal to a wider general audience and is instantly catchy
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  14. Double A side it is...
  15. What Kylie rejects?
  16. SBK


    I'd prefer Glitter & Gold, but I can't see them doing anything but Neon Blue, feels like they've already decided that's the track they're taking away from this album.

    Which is a shame because I think Glitter & Gold / Happy would make better singles. All but three songs on the album could be singles for me.
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  17. I'm joking... About S Club Juniors Sundown and New Direction. They remind me kinda of Fever era songs.
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  18. Not really the thread to discuss it but S Club 7's 'Seeing Double' had a load of songs much more sophisticated than anything S Club Juniors/8 did. I think suggesting S Club released hundred of ballads is completely way off the mark too. But, whatever. This is about Steps.
  19. Again.... I never listened to an S Club album. They just didn't appeal. But yes.. This is all about Steps and their AMAZING new album.

    Edit. I meant the S Club ballads all sounded samey to me.
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    SinceYouTookYourPopAway should be renamed SweepingUnfoundedPopOpinions
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