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Steps - Summer Of Steps Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. [​IMG]

    Summer of Love
    Better The Devil You Know
    Say You'll Be Mine

    It's The Way You Make Me Feel
    Chain Reaction

    Glitter & Gold
    No More Tears On The Dancefloor
    Better Best Forgotten/Last Thing On My Mind

    Neon Blue
    Love U More/ You'll Be Sorry/ After The Love Has Gone/ Love's Got a Hold on my Heart

    Deeper Shade Of Blue
    Scared of the Dark
    One For Sorrow
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  2. I hope The 004 get added as a last minute warm up act!
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  3. Only if they do the 8000 views hit I Hate This Part and the rare to find exclusive track Get Sexy.
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  4. So excited for this! I think I'm more excited for this one then the ultimate tour. Something just feels so special about this tour.
  5. This'll actually be the first concert I ever go to. I never really bothered before because they'd almost certainly involve quite a lot of travel, but last year I decided to just get out there and enjoy them. Can't wait to experience it all for the first time!
  6. I've a month of this tour to avoid spoilers before my two nights in Manchester. So obviously going to have to avoid this thread when the tour gets going, but what else can I do?

    Probably have to unfollow members on social media (H is bound to let something out the bag!)

    I managed to not see any spoilers for Ultimate and it was incredible, getting swept up in Here & Now, the dance game medley, the solos, the operatic It's The Way You Make Me Feel and then almost every song after that (minus Dancing Queen) was SO big I'd ask myself "is this the final number? What else is left?"
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  7. I miss Khlamydia or whoever it was on the last tour (at the Nottingham date one of her backing dancers tripped on the curtain and caused a domino effect of them all falling over, got the most reaction from the audience of her entire set)
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  8. I’m hoping the Strictly performance will help to sell the last few tickets, would be great for them to have a fully sold out tour.
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  9. What dates is everyone doing? I'm at:
    25th November - Wembley
    28th November - Nottingham with @Jacques
    2/3rd December - Manchester
    6th December - Liverpool (meet and greet)
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  10. I'm only doing the o2 on the 24th which is great as it's a Friday and I can drink merrily before the show and drown my sorrows with the post show comedown.
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  11. I'm at:
    21st November-Leeds (Meet and Greet) with 3 friends
    28th November-Nottingham with my brother
    2nd December-Manchester-with one of my friends who I'm going to Leeds with and her mum

    And I'm also looking for tickets for Birmingham, preferably for the 1st December.

    And I'll possibly see you around at Nottingham and Manchester @JMRGBY88! Where about are you sitting?

    P.S. I also LOVE how everyone on here and not afraid to do like three + shows (from what others have posted in the main thread!) Imagine how much money all people on here have spent for this tour! And to think they were thinking of a one off gig at the Royal Albert Hall?!
  12. Nottingham, I'm Block 16 and Manchester 2nd, I'm Block D!
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  13. Ah nice! Good seats for both!
    I'm Block B in Nottingham, and Block 102 in Manchester!
  14. They've also got another support act lined up in Max Restaino.

    I'm bopping, I won't lie.

    And he's trying.. I guess.
  15. I’m off to the o2 gig, the 2nd dec in Manchester and then the 6th in Liverpool. They’ve had £330 out of me this year in tickets alone!
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  16. Sadly I am not going until the penultimate show on the 9th. It’s going to be a long old ride
  17. I'm doing the 02 on the 24th. My first big Meet&Greet

    Also want to add a huge thank you for creating this tour topic, so I keep spoiler free as much as possible
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  18. £480 for me! I don't know how I've done it!
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  19. I'm soooooo jealous of y'all! I'm hoping for a DVD/Blu-ray!
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  20. 24th November for me! Can't wait!! It'll be my 3rd Steps concert.
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