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Steps - Summer Of Steps Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. I think it's a combination of the two. The lead singer is obviously going to have a big fanbase from the start and in recent years Claire's public persona has made her very relatable (the weight struggles in particular).

    With Lisa, I think she (and Lee to a lesser extent) has always been seen as the one who can't sing, and there's always a lot of hate/mockery that goes with that. As a casual fan until this era, that was certainly my perception of her, and I was really pleasantly surprised by how strong her voice was when I saw them.
  2. Faye was too good looking. Chubby Tracey and pimply Sheila would never have her as a fave member.
  3. She hid her looks with some terrible hair styles, though. She looks stunning at the moment.
  4. I'm praying you mixed your words up and casuals don't actually rate Lee above her majesty in the singing department.
  5. I'm sure they don't - and I definitely don't - but the girls always got more attention. Lee was able to blend into the background and get away with it more.
  6. I love Claire and Lisa's vocals the most. I know Faye is a better/stronger singer than Lisa but sometimes it's all about the tone in pop music. All the girls are great though. I'd only say H's vocals personally grate on me sometimes.
  7. Do you all think H's voice has changed, or is it just that they are so much more "live" these days? On the new deluxe tracks I feel like his tone is even different - I basically hear guest verses from Cliff Richard.

    He seems to really struggle with his solo verses sometimes. And I actually like his voice, I mean I liked it on the H & Claire album for the most part and I think he's great on You'll Be Sorry and Deeper Shade of Blue, two of my favourites.

    Lee's verse is definitely more alluring for me on Space Between Us though, and I think the track could have done with more of him even.
  8. A Frida tea.
  9. Thank God Frida never went for the dreads.
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  10. Faye's dreads were the most iconic hairstyle in British pop history so I've no idea what you're talking about.
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  11. What a fucking great show.

    Faye said Manchester instead of Liverpool accidentally and apologised for it about 10 times.

    I can't believe how dramatic and brilliant the opening into Scared Of The Dark was. What a phenomenal show.

    Claire is so effortless when she hits those notes.

    My only criticism would be that there was one too many slow numbers, but other than that what a high energy, high production spectacular pop show. Colour me shook.
  12. Petition for Love U More (Tour Version) to be released! What a moment!
  13. God this is truly a beautiful, spectacle of a tour. I can’t wait to get it on DVD/BluRay to see it full-scale. The videos on YouTube from further back that give you a full view of the lighting, dancers and screens really give you an idea of how high energy, sleek and almost rave-like it is. I’m shook right now.
  14. Definitely on a steps comedown today after my third and (probably) last show in Liverpool last night. Was front row which just made it even better. It’s such an amazing show with so many moments (bar despacito). I really hope they take on board all the love they’ve gotten over the last 22 shows and realise that people really do want them back and long may they continue!
  15. There is no justice. People complaining that you can only see them three times in one month and the rest of us are collecting dust and will never in our lives get to see them in any other territory.

    No shade @baxterclan *hides*
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  16. W2K


    It’s my last show tonight and I’m devastated it’s ending. Luckily I get to see the Queen of DJs as well.
  17. I definitely wasn’t complaining that I only saw them 3 times.
  18. I'm starting to think maybe they are holding back the tour audio downloads until after the lat date of the tour. Would make sense I guess so anyone yet to see it aren't tempted to buy and spoil the surprises!
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  19. Got emotional during One For Sorrow last night, more so because it was the last time I'll see that particular beaut arrangement in a packed arena. What a TRIUMPH this year has been, I just want to give them everything for making me happier than they'll ever know.
  20. My friend has a spare ticket for tonight and I can't go cause stupid work. Wah :(

    Have an amazing time!! Hope the rest of Steps turn up tonight and party.
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