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Steps - Summer Of Steps Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. Out of interest has anyone formulated a decent YouTube playlist of clips for the tour?
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  2. Literally so annoyed right now. My boyfriend's uncle was going to the show tonight but he's unwell so he wanted to give me his tickets £45 for the pair and my boyfriend doesn't want to go again so he has said no! Even though he knows I am desperate to see it again!

    Queens/Kings of causing small domestics.
  3. Can't you buy the tickets and take someone else?
  4. This totally warrants you pulling a sickie!
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  5. Nobody wants to go with me. My friends have no taste.
  6. Wow! Why would anyone pass up pretty much a free night out?!
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  7. I KNOW. Honestly close to asking my bloody mother at this rate.
  8. Do itttttttt!
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  9. My mum was genuinely disappointed she didn't come with us. She made me promise to get her a ticket next time. Pensioner with taste.
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  10. Thats grounds for dumping! Nobody should stand in the way of a Steps stan going to a concert.

    I’m joking, obviously.
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  11. I wish they were doing another London gig as I'd of definitely gone. Bring on the DVD!
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  12. Go alone. Extra room for dancing.
  13. Genius idea!
  14. I'm not.

    It's okay guys, I do have tickets for Dundee next summer so I will see them again, I just loved this show so much!
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  15. I don't know if I could do that!
  16. Goodness. The fact two people on here have tickets ready and waiting for them at no price/a small price and aren’t putting them to use is KILLING me!
  17. Bloomin' Ticketmaster moving me from my seat facing the stage to one at a 90 degree angle and only giving me a tenner.
  18. Get complaining. I enjoyed it so much more from the front.
  19. My mum came with me and kept saying “Bloody hell! I’m gobsmacked! I can’t believe it!”
  20. Just arrived at the Hydro. Cannot fucking wait for this.
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