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Steps - Tears On The Dancefloor

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by inoculatte, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. Why is it always the bands fault with these issues though? They're pop stars, not sound technicians or working in Carphone Warehouse to set up every fans mobile device.

    Back in the days of them premiering a video on The Box, I wouldn't dream of grabbing a fork and taking all the frustration that we didn't have Sky or cable out on a tin of Steps pasta shapes - I moaned at my parents like a normal teenager (before storming off to my music channel blessed aunties house).

    Ask a mate or relative who have access to iTunes if you need to see it that bad. You may do some good promo for the band whilst you're at it!
  2. Has anyone ever heard of “Luckstar music”, someone on Facebook is claiming this entity now owns the Steps back catalogue.

    Pretty sure it’s just someone talking bullshit, but you never know....
  3. I hope that if the ‘To Be Continued...’ is referring to another video, that they have a big budget again.
  4. Thailand CD single - GMM had the entire Jive Records catalogue license, pre-BMG.
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  5. Brilliant! Gold star for you.
  6. I know, I mean, I used to visit his website long before he moved to Facebook. He's a Steps and LSL fans, and because of him I could have many rare pop songs.

    I don't understand what he means with "own the Steps back catalogue" tho. Do you mean he have all of Steps' songs (not strange since he's a fan) or even the unreleased ones?
  7. Are the remixes promo CDs fake or fan-made, please? They are being sold on eBay, and I'm curious about them.

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  8. They look slightly more professional than the one I made. The only promo I saw before was Scared of the Dark and it was a cardboard square one.
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  9. If they are fake they still are cool
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  10. Lisa looks like THE STAR in all of them.
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  11. IMG_2489.PNG

    This is the second or third post like this, and as much as I love them to bits, these posts are "WHO CAN WHIP YOUR FINGER AROUND IN AIR?! CAN YOU DO IT?! THIS IS LOVES GOT A HOLD etcetc" levels of cringe. Fans weren't mouth breathing idiots back then, they were younger. And this level of silly cringe certainly has no place in 2017 Steps.
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  12. I'll ask someone I know that will definitely know that but Yeah.. Sounds like bull shit to me too!
  13. They're fake, look at the quality of the print, they're ink jet print outs.

    The official promo CD's are sent in plastic slip cases with a sticker on the back. Not plastic hard cases.
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  14. True. Hmmmm......
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  15. Listening to Faye's Tracks Of My Years on Ken Bruce, seriously love her choices. Also like the little titbits she gives, loved yesterdays when she said she had a chipmunk sound of her voice, bless her and the fact she and Claire went to a Prince concert together.
  16. It's being sold for more than £50 right now, though...
  17. Yes, and they're fake.

    Whoever buys it is a mug, they could create them themselves for about £2 with the digital downloads they already have.
  18. He says on the ad

    Here we have 4 Steps latest Releases Remixes & hard to find mixes,purchased at weekend & put on my computer so no longer needed,message me if you have any questions.

    Bought from where exactly?
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  19. He's hardly gonna say ''here's a few fakes I knocked up myself in 5 minutes''.
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  20. He's probably gonna be knocking them out a few more times if there are people out there stupid enough to pay £50+ for them.
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