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Steps - Tears On The Dancefloor

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by inoculatte, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. Maybe Dancing With A Broken Heart is actually the prequel to Deeper Shade Of Blue? We all talk about "to be continued", but what about "The End" on Deeper? They're sister videos. This could be some Star Wars shit.
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  2. I know that it’s just funny him lying
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  3. I wondered that. Although, I would rather the car tie in to Last Thing On My Mind or Love’s Got A Hold On My Heart as preciously mentioned.
  4. Trilogy.... The apocalypse came just after Love’s Got A Hold Of My Heart!
  5. Mind. Blown.
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  6. What if all the dancers were the same crowd from 5,6,7,8
  7. Dancing With A Broken Heart is the prequel to Lisa's Electric video set in a post apocalyptic world where Lisa is run on duracell batteries and Lydia Louisa knows how to play guitar.
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  8. Ultimate Steps have just reposted your theory on twitter:
    Ultimate Steps‏ @Ultimate_Steps 16m16 minutes ago
    We’re loving this fan theory which has cropped up... What do you think @OfficialSteps ?
    Ultimate Steps‏ @Ultimate_Steps 11m11 minutes ago
    Credit to AllTheUsernames on the @Popjustice forums
  9. What if we're just having a bit of fun and know that none of this actually means anything.
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  10. What if you're the evil monster that pulls Claire into the mirror?
  11. Was that not Tim Byrne?
  12. If it was, why would he be swiping for Claire?
  13. To take her away and form a top pop duo with H...
  14. IMG_2500.GIF
    I'm coming for you next.
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  15. Flop duo.
  16. Did the sarcasm not shine through....?
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  17. It did... I just couldn't help myself. Any opportunity to shade the defectors.
  18. Very good.
  19. Lisa is at the Dubai Opera??? How long until the first show?
  20. A month.
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