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Steps - Tears On The Dancefloor

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by inoculatte, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. I hope whatever this is means we're getting Never or Now: The Orchestral Edition. Abbey Road sessions could never.
  2. The singles B List on radio 2 and rehearsals start next week. With the album signing at 7pm on the release day will we probably get a this morning performance on release day like before?
    And obviously strictly on the 29th or the 5th? (That last ones wishful thinking).
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  3. But we were B-list on Radio 2...
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  4. If they did manage Strictly on the 29th I'm assuming that will be Halloween theme week and thus they could do the whole costumes and make-up get up and it would fit in properly. Am adoring the concept of Dancing with a Broken Heart been the Prequel to Deeper Shade Of Blue.

    Would hope there is some decent promo for the single and the reissue of the album. Obviously they'll be together anyway for rehearsals so it's not as if they'd have to haul themselves anywhere for it.
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  5. Yes; this would be amazing! Simply has to happen...
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  6. is there a tour thread yet? i cant find it
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  7. just to say i'm happy they're B-list this time, proving all previous A-lists to be editor picks not commercial collaboration...
  8. Scared Of The Dark would have been perfect.

    How does it "prove" anything? I think a lot of them being A-Listed was to do with them being on their Hyde Park show.
  9. LP


    If anyone is interested head on over to Lee's Instagram story. He appears to be at a spin class riding that spin hike like no ones business but you could appropriate it to ahem other situations. I personally am not into such things.... but some of you might X
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  10. While it was kinda hot for a second or two I think filming yourself in the gym is super douchey.
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  11. LP


    Please don't go anywhere near my insta then ha!

    I actually find his workouts cool and give me inspiration. Melanie C is a fucking beast in the gym she has the best workouts. Her one legged pistol squats are everything. It's on his story anyway so it's only up for 24hrs. What is douchey are selfies. But each to their own.
  12. Someone tweeted theyre on the Strictly Halloween show?
  13. Steps will not be pleased.
  14. Receipts?
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  15. Go hard or go home. And Steps went HARD.

    We are so spoiled.
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  16. LP


    Crying and Shaking! Most rewarding era for a fan everr
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  17. I hope they and the dancers dress up appropriately for Scared Of The Dark.

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  18. Literally nothing they do ever is kept secret for long. At least they haven’t revealed the song
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  19. Scared of the Dark would be the most appropriate for Halloween.

    This should give the album a nice little boost.
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