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Steps - Tears On The Dancefloor

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by inoculatte, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. (Say) You'll Be (Mine!)
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  2. (Deeper Shade of) Blue!
    Here (And Now)
    (You'll Be) Sorry!
    Dancing (With A Broken Heart)
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  3. 5 (6, 7, 8)
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  4. (Ex)Perience(D)
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  5. Love’s Got A Hold On My Heart (S.O.S.)
    Heartbeat (Ooh But My Feelings Are In Vain)

    I think it’s helpful to make people listen out for Lisa.
  6. (I Used To Be) Happy
    Glitter (And Gold)
    Glitter And Gold (The Lies You Told Me)
    (I Will) Love Again
    Space (Between Us)
    No More Tears (On The Dancefloor)
    (You Make Me) Whole
    You Make Me (Whole)
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  7. Probably a stupid question, but one thing I've always wondered is why Heartbeat appeared on Now 41 and yet Tragedy appeared a whole year later on Now 44, despite the two being released at the same time as a double A-Side.
  8. That Now 44 was slightly different from other years if I remember rightly, CD 1 seemed to begin with the BIGGEST HITS OF THE YEAR before going to more recent chart hits.
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  9. Mvnl

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    I read somewhere they didn't allow Now to use it earlier because it wasn't on any album at the time.
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  10. Very interesting. Makes sense I guess. I was reading Wikipedia the other day and noticed it said Tragedy was a hidden track on Step One in Australia. Does anyone have that version who can confirm? Is there a big silent gap before it or something?
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  11. The sacrilege.
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    Mvnl Moderator

    Can't find that version on Discogs but I'd love to own it. Tragedy remains a Step One era track to me.
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  13. I guess this is the version:

    Maybe it wasn’t a hidden track at all. I did read it on a Wikipedia after all.
  14. I did also wonder why Tragedy featured on Spectacular, but now it makes total sense since it wasn't on Step One.

    I do agree with @Mvnl, it very much does feel like a Step One track.
  15. Tragedy was recorded after Step One was released, or at least near the release. I'm surprised they didn't just tack it onto later pressings, thats what they'd do these days.

    I guess putting it on Steptacular gave the album a massive hit right out of the gate, "featuring the #1 hit single" for the sticker... also, Steps were always doing those era spanning AAside singles - Better The Devil, Summer Of Love...
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  16. Time for another one eh??!
  17. I never really liked that Better The Devil You Know was the opening track on Buzz. It felt like an odd set-up to the album. I always felt it should have been "Stomp", or "Summer of Love". Actually "Here and Now" would have been a good opening track too.
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  18. I like the international track listing for that reason! "Stomp" is a much better album opener, even if the UK track list flows a little better overall.
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  19. The album cover was better too...I’ll never get over the horror of the styling on the original Buzz album cover.
  20. I prefer the one with the yellowy background to the one where they’re all in black but both are better thank the UK one.
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