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Steps - Tears On The Dancefloor

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by inoculatte, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. I love that one too!
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  2. Why haven’t they updated their website to the re-release cover? Not very on message haha.
  3. Can I just check the ‘rules’ about spoilers for the Tour? We are going to be able to discuss it in here once it’s finished aren’t we? We’re not going to have to wait until the DVD’s released?!
  4. Listening to abba today imagining steps doing a cover album singing the hits just a dream
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  5. That never comes true hopefully.
  6. I went to the after party last night and Lisa was DJing. Queen was lip syncing with a mic to her solo in 'Scared of the Dark'. What did we do to deserve such an icon?

    Her setlist was also pretty impressive - Rita Ora, Little Mix and Ariana alongside all LSL solo hits OF COURSE, with 'Electric' serving as the opener. What a song.
  7. Am I right to understand that whilst Lisa was DJ'ing in Glasgow, Faye, Claire and Lee were partying on the tour bus?
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  8. Haven't felt more jealous.
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  9. Was H on a jet?
  10. This reads like a parody but its Lisa so of course its true. Legend.
  11. The only sensible option was to fly with a Vengaboy.

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  12. Please, never, no.
  13. The only time I would want them to perform more ABBA songs would be on stage with Benny and Bjorn for a one off.
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  14. She stayed after her DJ set until the end and took pictures with everyone. I adore her.
    It felt like an episode of Totally Scott Lee. I lived for it. B-List at Capital t-shirts were out in full force.
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  15. Can they do anything wrong?
  16. Record ABBA, by looks of the last page.
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  17. Actually do not theorically... I think we had enough with Dancing Queen in 2012
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  18. Right. Who’s at Cardiff on Sunday night?
  19. Watching a Year in Music on BBC1 right now.

    Quite surprised that the comeback of year has not been mentioned at all.

    2 Top 10 albums, a huge arena tour, and critical acclaim, and not even a mention.
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