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Steps - Tears On The Dancefloor

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by inoculatte, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. Steve Anderson is a legend - his arrangements on these tracks are just superb
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  2. (Of course, I meant last year, but I’m sure she will be this year too.)
  3. Which songs can Lee be heard in. I wanna hear my baby sing.
  4. OK- - is the screamer at the beginning of Heartbeat on here???
  5. Claire’s untouchable on vocals , Faye’s a close second though
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  6. You won't be disappointed - his blocals can be heard all the way through (even on lines he didn't seem to have in some of the original songs for some reason)
  7. dad
  8. I really love Lee's voice so looking forward to this. It's so silky.
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  9. I hadn't preordered anything from Pledge Music but would quite like to download it to hear it. Do I need to buy the Belfast download only? Will it be available straight away? Or is the Wembley date available?
  10. Some of the notes in the live audio are off - the Neon Blue closing note in particular
  11. Pledge have both downloads available. I didn't preorder, had ordered CD and DVD bundle for May but gave in and bought Belfast Download as in the words of Veruca Salt 'I WANT IT NOW!'
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  12. Had a little cry again listening to One For Sorrow, despite my earlier comment, Claire nails it and the song has taken on a whole new meaning for me in recent times
  13. Is the Wembley audio also available for download right now?
  14. I think we’ll be waiting until May for that one.
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  15. May this year right?
  16. 2027 - they plan to promote it for their 30th anniversary.
  17. Hey! I’m promising nothing.
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  18. The opening notes on the intro I never even heard at the 3 shows I went to! They are all sounding amazing. And I'm only up to Deeper Shade of Blue!
    And the quality is so much better than last time. And at least they got the spelling right on the tracks (if you remember on the back of the CD, they didn't even get the spelling and grammar right on a few of the words for the 2012 Live CD!)
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  19. To be fair to Concert Live, the 2012 tour itself didn't have the best sound.

    The strings on Deeper Shade are great. Again, hadn't noticed them before.
  20. Can’t wait to play it full volume tomorrow.
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