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Steps - Tears On The Dancefloor

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by inoculatte, Dec 26, 2008.

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    I've known of girlband members who had to do a show the day after they had a miscarriage and their grandmother died that same weekend. I think in general 'the show must go on' applies in this business. Definitely for members who aren't directly affected by whatever happened.
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  2. I don’t know. I guess we can’t say without knowing anything. (I’m not saying we should be told any more.)
  3. W2K


    Unfortunately I have to disagree. I think it looks a mess here.
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  4. I’m still not a fan of the style so I see your point, I guess I was just pleased she’s growing it again .
  5. I wouldn’t want her to go back to longer hair though like the Reunion. Shorter is definitely the best for her. (She can, of course, do what she likes.)
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  6. I was at the Minehead gig and H said they “hope Lee’s daddy gets better soon.” It was weird seeing them perform as a four piece but family comes first.

    As for H’s chaps, they came undone at the back and Faye and Lisa had to tie them back up again. He joked he was commando under his jeans and it was nothing to write home about under there!!
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  7. Oh dear. Poor Lee and his Dad (and whole family). Absolutely the right decision.
  8. I assumed it would be a parent.
  9. Was anything else mentioned last night? was the script pretty similar to the tour spiel or a nod to the future plans/summer tour etc
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  10. No future plans mentioned, just the thank you for having us back spiel.

    It was the tour scaled down - screen graphics of wedding cake rather than tiers, three hospital beds instead of five on stage, four costume changes.

    17 songs so PL, DWABH, Despacito, If you could read my mind, Enough is Enough we’re cut. They did Summer of Love in full though.
  11. The big question is: who said ‘pienso que te quiero?’

    Maybe they would’ve done the Summer Of Love with Despacifo if Lee had been there.
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  12. Just watched the video I took - no one
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  13. Yeah, most bands carry on if they can physically carry on without the missing member. Especially as in most cases it'll cost them £££ to cancel.
  14. "Get 'well' soon Geri" springs to mind....
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  15. Yes. I don’t think that’s the situation here though.
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  16. This is gold.

    Interview from 13:40
    "Are you going to be the Peter Pans of pop..."
    Lee *points at H* "This is Tinkerbell

    Performance of Loves Got A Hold follows interview

    And then to close the show the boys take centre stage for a rare performance of To Be Your Hero
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  17. So Lee sings the choirs of to be your hero you can’t even hear him?
  18. Poor Lee, miming to H's backing vocals. You'd think they'd have thrown together a mix where you could hear him.
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  19. Shame about Richard Fairbrass.

    Claire ‘rich and not working.’ Hmmm.

    To Be Your Hero is an odd one isn’t it? I like it. It was performed on TV a couple of times but in the end didn’t make the album. I understand why they wanted My Best Friend’s Girl as the penultimate track but there’s no reason Hero couldn’t have featured earlier on the album. I don’t think ‘they’ always picked the best album tracks (see Just Like The First Time and Human Touch).
  20. He was twitching like he was off his face on e's and whizz at the end...

    She predicted correctly. For herself and H at least.
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