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Steps - Tears On The Dancefloor

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by inoculatte, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. Play deeper shade of blue and give into Monday blues
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  2. ‘I used to be happy . . .’
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  3. [​IMG]

    This looks like a poster for a TV show where Faye is a single mom with four wildly different teenage children. The popular girl (Claire), the jealous sister (Lisa), the class clown (H), and the jock (Lee).
  4. But it's still better than the UK cover.
  5. None are as fitting or perfect as the US cover.

    Speaking of which, I finally got around to doing something with my 5 signed copies. I got sick of them just laying around. (Don’t worry, I cut nothing!)

  6. Amazing!!! Show it to them on Twitter
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  7. I can't get over how accurate this is!
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  8. I wish the heads were a bit more in line and it would be the perfect cover.

    The US cover of Buzz?? That was the same as the UK’s which I thought we all didn’t like much?
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  9. In line for a Christian release?
  10. Haha. I know.
  11. F3103AE9-532F-45EE-9B8E-82D61409846C.jpeg

    Yes, this one. Out of the three covers - (3, right? This one, the yellow sit-com one and the classy serious-face black one) - this one is by far the most fitting of the albums sound, aesthetic and time period. The other two covers, while not bad, just don’t make any sense at all really next to this one. This one still feels “fun”, but took a somewhat edgier and more futuristic look resulting in an ever-so-slightly more grown-up Steps as far as early 00’s pop-evolution goes. We’re not jumping into basic casual wear or serious pant suits like the other two covers, neither of which make sense in context of the album and era.
  12. I agree. That one captured the sound of the album perfectly, while the other two don't really seem fitting at all. The black outfit one in particular looked so odd for an album titled 'Buzz'.

    Plus how can you not love Lisa's blue hair?
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  13. I like the idea, but it’s just executed terribly. The hair is awful, the poses, the clothes. I wish they’d gone a bit more for the Here and Now look/outfits. I agree about the black look being wrong for any Steps album, partly because they all look so miserable. With a bit more colour, I think the ‘sitcom’ pose would’ve been best.
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  14. Lisa's blue hair and braces combo is forever iconic.
  15. Looking back, the Buzz cover is awful isn’t it
  16. Even at the time, I remember on the Official Message Board it had a lot of criticism for the airbrushing in particular.
  17. Best album cover has got to be Steptacular. I love it. It's been said before but I kinda hope they style the next album cover on that... unlikely but maybe...
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  18. I prefer the blue Buzz cover too. The others, while nice, just don't seem to match the album itself and the time in which it came from. If they were releasing an album now, the other covers - especially the one with them dressed in black - would work well. In fact, the Tears On The Dancefloor cover, while referencing the past feels very modern.
  19. I don't love the Buzz cover but it's definitely better and infinitely more suited to the album than the other 2.
  20. The worst thing about the blue Buzz cover is Lee's hair.
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