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Steps - Tears On The Dancefloor

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by inoculatte, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. Not if they bundle them together as a 2 disc product
  2. Each format gets counted in the relavent chart.

    The only one im not sure of is the photo book because its likely to be one barcode as opposed to the cd/dvd bundles which will probably be a seperate cd and dvd case.
  3. I don't know why I bother arguing with you. You don't listen.
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  4. Im not arguing. Im just saying. The audio will be counted in the album chart, the dvd in the video chart.

    I run artist presales. You can bundle multiple formats and each one gets counted separately.
  5. Mvnl

    Mvnl Moderator

    Yeah it could be like Pink's Funhouse tour/various Madonna tours where it's both the CD and DVD in one case. Those all just have one barcode too. Are they still counted as seperate entities?
  6. By bundle, I'm talking about in the same case, same barcode.
  7. The product description and images suggests its two formats bundled together...

    Either way... I think it'll count in both.

  8. The sheep will always follow....

    Its funny because Steps' fans used to be called bubblegum sheeps.. Same thing diff era.
  9. I think it's a bit rich to be annoyed about being called out for liking Steps and then calling out a band or an artist you don't like in the same sentence or to just assume that people only like an artist because 'everyone else does'. Like, come on. We aren't 14 years old.
  10. E6C4B05F-8397-4641-95FB-CF5312700681.jpeg

    I don’t know why I never saw this but I love Faye.
  11. Is the bottom left one Shakira?
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  12. Yes ha
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  13. I wish it had been H smashing up a car at the Brit awards.
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  14. Ivy Quainoo’s House On Fire (co-written by Jörgen “It’s The Way You Make Me Feel” Elofsson) would make a great Steps Track if they wanted to have another cover on album 6. Just tidy it a little and add a little oomph.
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  15. It could be H smashing up the car...or me?
  16. I think we can count on them being a quasi-cover band always.
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  17. I think that’s fine as long as they steer clear of really well known songs except for one off live performances like Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now.
  18. [​IMG]
    She's not a regular mom, she's a cool mom.
  19. Weird how Lisa looks like the mum now lol
  20. Faye always looked 35-40. Now she actually is in that age bracket and looks a much better 40-ish.
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