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Steps - Tears On The Dancefloor

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by inoculatte, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. It’s simply my point of view and the feeling I get from it. There’s no need to analyze and argue every opinion to death. It just is what it is.
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  2. I'm hoping for Glitter & Gold, September Sun and I Surrender or Movin' On to be the new songs. Here And Now would be great too, but I'd imagine that will probably be chucked in a medley somewhere.
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  3. I don't think we'll get that much variation, they might include one or two songs but I reckon the setlist might be adjusted and orders changed. I.e. summer of love before Deeper Shade Of Blue.
  4. I've said it before (more than once!) but I really hope they open with an extended version of Summer of Love in bright outfits.
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  5. You’re on Popjustice - analysing and arguing is all we do.
  6. Brand new cover I’m guessing I’m keeping my hype low
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  7. I have feeling Glitter&Gold and I Will Love Again will replace a few songs...

    Say You’ll Be Mine is a big possibility too. And I do hope they open with Summer Of Love!
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  8. Lately and All Out of Love of course!
  9. Lets throw in some TSD too!
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  10. LP


    Space Between Us is one of my faves on the record!
  11. LP


    The first time I entertained a M&G Package was at the Sweet Sweet Fantasy Mariah tour. The only date that suited was Luxembours. It was E500 plus. Guess what - the whole gig was standing GA so after you did do your meet and greet you had fuck all chance of getting a good place. Absolutely ridiculous.
  12. Song is way to long
  13. Depends what mood I'm in.. personally I think it's the best male led track they've done. H resisted being over musical theatre (because after all, he is in Steps) and it's just a nice chilled summery song and occasionally it's the first song I go to play off the album. Horses for courses though aye
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  14. Hmm, now I'll be honest, when I heard Despacito was on the set list, I shuddered.

    However the crowd went wild when it kicked in, particularly the casual fans that were there for the Vengaboys as much as Steps. Bearing in mind this came just after Paradise Lost when the majority of the arena was thinking "what the hell is this?" (sorry but it's true). It picked the lull that Paradise Lost created.

    I realise that lull wasn't as evident in some of the shows but it certainly was on the first Cardiff date, which appeared to be full of valleys girls. The second date felt much more like a fan show, perhaps because it was the final date of the tour, perhaps also because all the valleys girls were snowed in.
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  15. And they didn' get their money back.
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  16. I wish but we know they would never. I guess all I’d want from them to pull out as old nonsingles are I Surrender, Only In My Dreams and Just Like The First Time.
  17. Will the tour be released on iTunes?
  18. Yes
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  19. What even was the US edition of Step One? It used the Steptacular cover and had a few singles from Step One and a few from Steptacular. The US Buzz had significantly less songs. And “The best of” only had like 13 singles. Tears wasn’t even available here.

    The plight of a US fan. Pathetic.
  20. In fairness, a lot of UK acts used to release 'condensed' albums to try and crack the US. Steps, S Club, Atomic Kitten, Westlife all to name a few. It didn't make a great deal of sense in the long run but there must have been a reason behind it.

    Also, would there be any real point releasing Tears in the US?
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