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Steps - Tears On The Dancefloor

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by inoculatte, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. I think the condensed first two albums format was a typically 90s pop label thing, US taking notice of popular UK acts and getting the best material from the first two releases.

    Most UK acts then weren't going to be thinking of the USA when they're releasing their first album, because in most cases it was a miracle they'd gotten as far as an album deal in the UK.
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  2. Definition of Pop Justice.
  3. I dont know where do you live but both Tears were available in my Itunes and even the new Party On The.. is available.

    I am in Florida and Ive purchased them all so you may want to check again..
  4. Pretty sure they mean physical copies.

    Also @AllTheUsernames - out of all the time I've been lurking PJ, you've had my favourite avatar. X
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  5. He probably means physical.

    I'm not surprised that tears wasn't available internationally (except on import). You wouldn't invest on international releases until you've confirmed there's demand your base territories. Certainly not when you're funding it yourself.
  6. Ahhh nevermind then!

    He is right! I forgot to buy Tears when I was in the UK in November! I need it for my Cd collection lol because honestly I dont even have a CD player anymore lol.
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  7. Steps was one of the very few CDs I bought last year, I still need their physicals along with a select few others like Kylie. I bought the Lisa Edition, obviously.
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  8. Same! last physical for me was Red Flag, I will need Tears.. since I cant believe we got a real new Steps album in 2017!

    I will Put it in a capsule and hide it underground for the future generations to find it. Everybody in the future deserves to hear Scared Of The Dark.
  9. Story Of A Heart really is majestic, isnt it?
  10. Yes, yes it is.

    Should have been Top 5 in the rate.
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  11. Something hit me while watching the Stomp - Party video (colour grading aside) of how much of a disco stomper of early 21st century in actually is. It's a shame it wasn't a bigger #1 because it really is quite a classic.
  12. I'm just glad they had another Number 1 aside from Tragedy! Haha
    I wonder how Heartbeat would of done by itself?!
  13. Surely the organisers could corner of a bit of space at the front for Meet and Greeters. It’s not like they’ll be loads of them. Paying nearly 5x as much and not getting the opportunity to be near the front is super unfair.

    Saying that I’m not sure how full the Golden Circles are actually going to be?
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  14. It’s truly one of their best ever. It’s such a beautiful, emotive song. I’m so glad it was a single, for future collections etc.
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  15. Story Of A Heart was one of the songs I was least excited by when the album was released. I was expecting another Another You Another Me style mess. Even on first listen, it didn't capture me but when it finally did...god, it's essential Steps.
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  16. Can you imagine if Story of a Heart had been written specifically for Steps and it wasn’t just a cover version? It’s still an amazing version and believe it or not I actually think Lisa steals the show!
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  17. It doesn’t bother me that it wasn’t intended for Steps. It’s such a gorgeous song I’m just grateful they got it at all. The middle 8 with Claire and Lisa is nothing short of heartbreaking.
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  18. Especially the video.

  19. I like how serious and depressed everyone looks in the video. It’s a sad, moody song and the Claire singing while her mind is clearly somewhere else is perfect. As are the sad looks Faye gives while staring into the distance. And people make fun of Lisa in the video but I’ve always seen her performance as barely able to compose herself and she comes across emotionally struggling.
  20. In all honestly, the Story of a Heart video was flawed because the song is not really about digging through a box of old 90s tat and giggling. The lyrics clashed with the visuals, and Lisa was poorly directed. She would have been much better sat on a wall looking into space rather than standing in front of a fence.
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