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Steps - Tears On The Dancefloor

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by inoculatte, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. Technically yes but it’s not always about that. I’d rather listen to an Electro Pop album by HRHLSL than a ballad album by Claire.
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  2. Nothing beats HRHLSL growl on Stomp live at Wembley lol

    Min 1:13 Queeeen
  3. 2:15: What happens when you forget it's DVD night and embrace the bottle of wine your friend buys...
  4. W2K


    Looking at photos and videos from tonight’s show, it’s so strange without Lee. It makes me remember how lucky we are that we have all 5 members in a normal situation.
  5. I remember just after the tour had began that there were people saying that they didn't like this version of Say You'll Be Mine and that it was Steve's 1st boo boo with Steps. Although I like the version, I just can't see an Abbey road style album working for Steps. (Even though some would obviously disagree)
  6. It was me, but I changed my mind. The version of Say You'll Be Mine has grown on me but I still don't like the country staging, nor the way it slows thw momentum of the show right down.

    As for an Abbey Road album, I just don't see it for Steps. Maybe as a disc 2 to their next greatest hits, but that would be pricey.
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  7. Someone asked them about their Five Star cover that H kept banging on about during album promo at yesterday’s meet & greet

    They never recorded it
  8. Who says it would have to be a ballad album? She carries all the upbeat songs and sings the main melodies on all the big hits. Those massive choruses we all love are pretty much her voice with some harmonies in the background. And she sounded incredible on the new mix of Love U More, which is about as electro pop as they've ever gone before.

    Not to take away from Lisa. Her voice does sound great on record, and she gives it some welly, bless her. But Claire's the one for me. The range and ability she has is really something.

    That all sounds really defensive, sorry! I didn't mean it to. Course we all have preferences, and some voices appeal to people in the way others don't.

    But Claire's still the best.
  9. I think an Abbey Road style album would be a huge Step back for them. There is only so many times you can recycle back catalogue material.
    Only way I'd like to see alternative versions of there old songs come through is either as b sides or on stage. Otherwise I'm all for new music.
  10. A deluxe edition of their next album with a second disc of 6-8 reworked and re-recorded previous singles would be something for sure, any more than that could definitely be a mistake. They need to stick to growing their legacy with this fantastic new material.
  11. Would love to see a rearranged Steps album new versions of the singles which would be probally Steve Anderson mixes

    Release it for Christmas I’d happily pay 12.99
  12. More than an Abbey Road style disc 2, I'd be here for them releasing studio versions of the new mixes of classic songs. But only as some kind of bonus. As far as main releases go I'm only here for new music.
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  13. The ideal release would have been a second disc with Steve's new mixes, bundled with the live album.

    Now that's done with and it didn't happen, I'd rather they just focused on new material.

    And for Steve to just chuck up the mixes online when he's bored one night.
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  14. Then the next Steps documentary.....

    "I had to cover One For Sorrow when Claire was ill and the crowd went crazy, social media said Lisa you were fantastic and I felt very vindicated. I just knew this was my moment to shine. Star Lily even plays the recording of it at home and I smile to myself then help her press repeat."
  15. I think the key to growing their legacy is a mid-tempo. It's The Way You Make Me Feel part 2. Something really wistful and emotive, but not an outright ballad. Kiss Me Once-esque.
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  16. W2K


    I mean @baxterclan is absolutely gorgeous so if we were in a replacement situation then I could get down with that...
  17. And he could need the money to get a few more buttons for his shirt...
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  18. Oh my god y’all... Amazon actually came through with the 6-disc set from my $16.99 pre-order! I thought for sure it would never actually ship or they'd send just the CD edition, but it was on my door step when I got home this afternoon.

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