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Steps - Tears On The Dancefloor

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by inoculatte, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. W2K


    I mean @baxterclan is absolutely gorgeous so if we were in a replacement situation then I could get down with that...
  2. And he could need the money to get a few more buttons for his shirt...
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  3. Oh my god y’all... Amazon actually came through with the 6-disc set from my $16.99 pre-order! I thought for sure it would never actually ship or they'd send just the CD edition, but it was on my door step when I got home this afternoon.

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  4. Made up for you! Bummed out I didn't order at that price now. I just thought Amazon would be like "sorry, mistaken, here's the standard cd instead".
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  5. I had planned to return if that happened, but I'm so happy I didn't have to go through the hassle.

    The page is still on Amazon. It's gone up slightly to $20.99 and says it will ship in 1-2 months, but it might still be worth a shot ordering. I find it kind of funny that the artist is listed as "The Steps".
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    I'm tempted y'all.
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  7. I’m still very irritated with Pledge. Almost 50 bucks and we get a “special” edition which translates to a piece of trash Digipak sleeve that may as well be an envelope instead of a durable case.
  8. Can you still buy just the Belfast CD?
  9. Sadly not.
  10. gas


    AHHHHHHHHH so happy I actually ordered this. Mine will be here on Wednesday.
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  11. For £21 I've gone and risked it.
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  12. With steps draining every ounce out of the tears era and fair play to them for doing so and we know the single collection is next after that I hope the tour mixes are next

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  13. Mine has been posted today too!
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  14. I'd love that, but think there would be a significant cost in mastering the mixes for release.
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  15. Steve could chuck a couple on Soundcloud like he has done in the past for Kylie.
  16. I gave in and ordered it too!
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  17. Only just realised the music videos are on the DVD too.
  18. gas


    Mine just came in today! Thanks to my buddy Shawn for the heads up. Really can’t believe they came through with it.

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  19. Awesome! Waiting for mine to be dispatched but so glad to see others receiving theirs at such a good price.
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  20. I did too.... It's went beyond a joke now.

    Waits patiently for The Singles Collection.
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