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Steps - Tears On The Dancefloor

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by inoculatte, Dec 26, 2008.

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  4. You don’t hear the similarities in her choruses?
  5. I hate to do this again because my intention isn't to look like an asshole but...

  6. No offense taken. I guess I always have. Big choruses, melancholic, ABBA-esque.
  7. Story Of A Heart still holds up as one of their finest songs. It’s such a perfect, beautiful track for them. It really makes the album whole for me.
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  8. Played this album again and it still knocks my socks off. They really managed to make their strongest album yet. I'm so excited for the next one. I think they are on a winning streak.
  9. It's phenomenal. I just like to pretend the video doesn't exist.
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  10. I would presume they all "signed up" towards the end of the 'Tears' era as during the Summer tour they all knew it was going to be happening. From a business point of view I'd have expected them to all have signed up and agreed schedules. Like @Santi319 says they're all very business minded and all on board with it. Who knows if this will be the last time guess it will depend on how well everything performs. I know one member was deluded about the performance of the LUTW album so pulled the plug on anything further they had planned. Not sure how anyone could have expected that album to get to the top of the charts.
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  11. Yeah that album was never going to do anything. Shame on Steve Howard for that one... it just wasn’t a Steps album. Not sure if I’ve even got a copy of it tbh!
    I’m just hoping for an album full of bangers. If they want a couple of ballads, go old school and add a b-side or 2 so it doesn’t slow down the momentum of the album I say. Tears was PERFECT!
  12. I don't think its that official. More an discussion of this is what they're planning on doing for the next 18 months. I don't think its as official as signing a contract.

    The melody of Judas is very STEPS, I said this long before the mashup.
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  13. Lee, Faye and H sit around a table, having a cuppa.

    Lee: Where's Claire?

    Claire enters the room, everyone stands up.

    Claire: Hi-yaaa! Where's Lisa, is she not coming?

    H: She's dialling in but the reception is pretty bad so we might not have video just audio.

    Claire: Crickey. Okay then. [Claire sits down] So, how is everyone doing?

    Faye: Oh, I had a lovely time at home with the husband and kids and it's been really lovely.

    Claire: Have you hung up your dancing shoes already, Faye?

    Faye: Oh, don't you worry I can still do a swivel or a foxtrott if I need to. Not really put it to good use yet to be honest. I did do a little cha-cha-cha when I was walking, well gliding, down the frozen veg isle in Sainsbury's last Monday though.

    Lee: Is Lisa on the line yet? We need to sort out these songs and who is singing what.

    Claire: Well, I think we know who's taking the lead, I mean Lisa will want first dibs as always but we can just nod our heads and be a bit vague and she can just get what's she's given and deal with it.

    Faye: The left-overs, ha!

    H: Oh, you're terrible you two. I hope you leave something good for me.

    Lee: Yeah, and me.

    H: And him.

    Lee: Well, look, if Lisa isn't even dialling in we can just divide up the song between the four of us can't we and then she can do backing vocals or a little talky-bits like that one in Liberty X used to.

    Faye: And Jenny Frost - do you remember, ha!

    Claire: Alright then, I mean how hard is it to connect to wi-fi from Dubai?

    Faye: Is there a time delay? Maybe she's asleep? I don't really get how this all works? Technology...

    Lisa: [audio only] Guys, can you hear me?

    ALL: Hi Lisa

    Lisa: Hi. I've been logged in all along by the way, I just had myself on mute.
  14. This genuinely made me laugh!
  15. Can someone turn this into a Stepstoon please? Add the instrumental of Summer Of Love in the background... just for nostalgia! Haha.
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  16. And the choruses of Dance In The Dark, Venus, Alejandro, Born This Way, The Edge Of Glory, Scheisse, the list goes on. I don’t see how anyone could not see the similarities of Gaga’s choruses and Steps. Not that she even knows who Steps are, but it all goes back to that ABBA sound, I think.
  17. Yeah, they're all very catchy melodies.
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  18. Lovely photos of Faye, Lee and H at Jamie last night.
  19. I wonder how many tracks we will get this time around? I’m hoping for 12. Then maybe a special edition with an extra 3 tracks. I always loved that Buzz had so many tracks. Especially when you add the international bonus tracks into it!
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