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Steps - Tears On The Dancefloor

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by inoculatte, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. Yeah, 12 would be nice. Maybe a Deluxe CD with 15...

    Not essential though... So long as whatever we get is as high quality as Tears.
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  2. I'd prefer a strong 10 than a weaker 12/14.
  3. Yeah, they all have to be great. The Deluxe re-release kinda dragged the almost perfect original tracklist down.
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  4. I bumped into one of the management team this morning at work (he was in with shakespeare's sister) and had a quick catch up but I didn't want to go full stalker and ask him about the meeting yesterday.
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  5. Flop fan.

    Kidding sis, don't worry.
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  6. Mvnl

    Mvnl Moderator

    Nostalgia obviously plays a big part but I still consider Buzz their strongest album. Solo songs aside, it takes more than Tears to beat an album with It's The Way, Summer Of Love, Stomp, Here And Now, You'll Be Sorry, Paradise Lost and Better The Devil You Know, and I liked the bigger variety.
  7. It's so nice seeing the pics of H, Lee amd Faye at Jamie last night- they all look amazing! Faye is stunning!
  8. Yeah Buzz was a strong album. Shame tracks like Buzz and Happy Go Lucky let it down... they were so alien compared to the rest of the album. That’s my only worry with Album 6... I hope it isn’t a case of picking songs from big names for the sake of them being by big names. Some of the writers on Tears Id never heard of and bar Firefly it was perfect.
  9. Replace Firefly with Dancing With A Broken Heart and its THE pop album.
  10. I used to dismiss Firefly but genuinely love it now.
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  11. That's actually a very good point! Tears should be their benchmark for this project- their best album to date and clearly a fan favourite!
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  12. Until we get an album with Love You More 2017 Tour mix 12 times in a row then everything is useless.
  13. Bahaha obvs- we all know that- goes without saying! IF that doesn't happen we would settle for an album on par with Tears.
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  14. No thanks.
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  15. If anything were to be replaced, it'd be Space Between Us surely?
  16. It's nice that the boys get a couple of moments to shine as the girls dominate most of the other songs. It's not my favourite song on the album but it's cute enough.
  17. The original album was fine as it was. None of the deluxe tracks reached the same level.
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  18. You misspelled "You Make Me Whole"

    "Firefly" is ace!
  19. As is You Make Me Whole, so...
  20. We’ll never agree on the perfect Tears tracklist, so there’s bound to be some on the next album that some will dislike and others love. As long as it’s 80% great which I consider the original Tears tracklist to be, I’ll be happy.
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