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Steps - Tears On The Dancefloor

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by inoculatte, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. I Will Love Again is the only true did track and should have been replaced with September Sun.
  2. Scared Of The Dark
    Story Of A Heart
    Glitter And Gold
    No More Tears On The Dancefloor

    Those are the songs that I think we can all agree are non-negotiable. Everything else is subjective.
  3. I agree with that list, but would add Neon Blue to it too. Overall, everyone likes it, and the band loves it.
  4. I almost added it but it gets more of a mixed reaction than the universally loved songs I mentioned. Plus I can’t stand it.
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  5. I can’t stand it either.
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  6. I like Neon Blue, but I didn't even miss it when I read @AllTheUsernames list, that list should have (almost) been the singles run.
  7. Fayes on Steve Wright’s show on radio 2 this afternoon I expect it’ll be his usual tripe interview.
  8. Everyone loved Neon Blue to start with and then it got back-handed for some reason. I think it's fantastic and absolutely deserved to be a single.
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  9. Neon Blue is a wonderful song and a good single choice, although I would have preferred Happy.

    I can’t believe we’re getting another Steps album and era next year. So much to look forward to!
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  10. The best thing about Neon Blue was the video... .such a 'step' up from the Scared and Story videos.
  11. RhythmNative

    RhythmNative Moderator

    The singles were perfect. Third single was too early to do the re-release track and of the album tracks remaining it was really a toss up between Neon Blue and Happy. And Neon Blue is more radio friendly.
  12. This was really nice to see.

    I know some people think H is a bit full on and there is the whole he mithers Lee etc but with Lee posting this himself it shows he is in on the joke. If he didn't want to draw attention to it he wouldnt post it. (I'm very hungover does any of this make sense?)

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  13. The inter personal relationships of the band really interest me.
    I think the last campaign really brought Lee and H a bit closer and they seem to enjoy each other more in modern times.
    Claire and Lee's vibe is very interesting too.
    I must say that they were all absolutely lovely to me when I bumbled about like an idiot at my meet and greet and the atmosphere between them behind the scenes and on stage was comfortable and fantastic.
    If their next era is "the last" I hope they let us know because I'd love to see them live one more time.
  14. I could lose two of those but on the album as a whole I’m OK with them.
  15. I won’t hear of it. Firstly, because I walked around one day with it on loop after a particularly heartbreaking breakup. And secondly, because my ex actually wrote it.
  16. No “news” as such from Faye just the usuals, they’re finalising tracks, spring release, touring by the end of the year etc etc
  17. I love Space Between Us.
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  18. Space Between Us is a cute track and I can’t imagine it not being on the album.
  19. Yeah, you make a very good point. Really hope they push the videos this time around. Story was a missed opportunity... it had all the hallmarks for being the perfect summer music video... A One For Sorrow #2... but it missed the mark. Such a shame.
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  20. Story always leant itself to an Autumn video, I thought. Outside with changing leaves etc. I actually don’t know why people hate it so much. It’s got some beautiful shots. Thought I agree that Lisa makes the weirdest, jerky movements. But that’s not special to the video...she always has had odd spazzy movements.
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