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Steps - Tears On The Dancefloor

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by inoculatte, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. Love a bit of casual ignorance.
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  2. Do you think we should start tweeting the band now asking for a b-side?
  3. Yes! Get to tweeting ya'll!!
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  4. Now now, Firefly is Star Lily's personal favourite!
  5. How are we doing on iTunes worldwide? (Don't know how to access a complete list, sorry.)
  6. Firefly is a grower. The production is so good on it. It's epic and soaring.
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  7. I can now finally learn the whole dance routine with that video!

    And nice save of H almost dropping his microphone stand.
  8. Sent my tweet, now it's up to the rest of you ;)
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  9. If only the middle 8 had an actual verse instead of the "ah ah ah ah"s, it would be so much better. But it is still decent.
  10. Tears:
    #1 United Kingdom
    #1 Ireland
    #2 Singapore
    #2 Sweden
    #4 Philippines
    #6 Belgium
    #8 Hong Kong
    #8 New Zealand
    #9 Indonesia
    #10 Denmark
    #10 Netherlands
    #11 Australia
    #11 Norway
    #15 Vietnam
    #20 South Africa
    #26 Thailand
    #29 El Salvador
    #30 Canada
    #30 Spain
    #68 United States
    #76 Switzerland
    #78 Italy
    #93 Germany
    #161 France

    Story of a Heart:
    #56 United Kingdom
    #69 Sweden
    #98 Ireland
    #199 United Kingdom

    #11 United Kingdom
    #66 Ireland
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  11. I would love for Story of a Heart to chart inside the top 100 of the official singles chart.
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  12. It won't, not this week. Its had one days sales vs 7 for the rest of the chart.
  13. Story of a Heart having a B-side would push sales.
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  14. SOTD being kept out of the top ten by Rag'n'Bone Man at the moment. More ammunition for @Hudweiser
  15. I jest, but it actually says a lot for different viewing demographics. This Morning has a far smaller audience than Tonight at The Palladium, and yet the former has had far greater impact. The stay-at-home mums that make up the bulk of the This Morning audience will remember Steps the first time around and therefore more likely to be stimulated.
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  16. So let's tweet them all and plant the seeds of an idea ala Paradise Lost
  17. I love the girls having to change the height of the mic stand every time they switch position.
  18. Faye slays everything and everyone with her verse on Story of a Heart. It's insane! Then Lisa comes in and tears your heart right out of your chest and Claire buries us all with her ad libs.
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  19. As Steps sell Benny & Bjorn's lyrics and emotion so well in Story Of A Heart, the campaign starts here to get them to record ABBA's legendary unreleased song Just Like That for the next album.
  20. I'm here for that!
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