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Steps - Tears On The Dancefloor

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by inoculatte, Dec 26, 2008.

  1. I'm pleased with that. It's bound to go up when they start promoting the new single.
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  2. Wow, they're really holding up well. Really didn't expect 4 weeks in top 20.
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  3. This is holding up so fantastically, I was convinced it would be clinging to Top 40 by week 2.
  4. I just gave my boss, who is from the US, a copy of the latest Steps album. He said straight away 'oh they are the British Abba', oh yeah. I also gave him a copy of Una Healy's album too.
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  5. The album gone silver
  6. Uno


    This is such amazing news! I thought it would be a flash in the pan Top 5 and leave the Top 40 the following week. Incredible.

    Any idea when the promo for next single will be?
  7. This is fantastic news. 4 weeks in the top 20? Who would have thought this would be happening in 2017.
  8. How many copies is that? I'm just thrilled 'Steps' can claim this as a legit success and hopefully continue on.
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  9. I think 60,000. Didn't it use to be 100,000?
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  10. Thank you! Why I'm asking, I can't keep track with how everything keeps changing.

    I'm old.
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    The Radio 2 version of Story Of A Heart CUT OUT Lisa's era-defining middle 8.

    I don't pay my license fee for this kind of nonsense.
  12. Story Of A Heart Bypass
  13. So do tie love him or hate him? Confused.
  14. So pleased they are doing so well with this, they deserve it.

    I hope they realise we want and need them back - a new album and tour every 2-3 years isn't too much to ask is it?
  15. When I asked for a radio edit this was not what I wanted!
  16. I'm ready for another new album like NOW!! Lol. If I actually had played my new signed Steps CD over and over again like I have been doing with streaming and playing my mp3 versions it would probably be beyond repair by now!! By the time this tour comes and goes I'll be crying out for more new music - is another album by Nov 2018 too much to ask!? Didn't Lisa say they recorded enough for another album? Keep that supply & demand and pop momentum going I say! We only live once!!....but seriously so glad we got this album if nothing else follows this.
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  17. I have hammered Tears On The Dancefloor in a way I haven't with an album for years. I had no idea how much I'd missed them until we got this perfect album.

    I need that Five Star cover they were talking about, maybe on a re-release of the album with new tracks in time for the tour?
  18. I know right! After they released Light Up The World and it got a lukewarm response I resigned to the fact that they were simply going to be a greatest hits nostalgia act....then they drop this amazing anthemic pop dance album on us! Love the fact they appreciate the fans and have done this for us! Other established acts should take notice.
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  19. I'm so glad I didn't buy Light Up The World! I love that this time around they have made exactly the album their fans wanted and the reaction has been so overwhelmingly positive towards it.
  20. Erm.... this is shocking. Lisa needs to campaign immediately. #SaveLisasMiddle8
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