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Steps - The #1 Platinum Collection + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. MB


    Re: Steps reunion stuff

    In a word : yes. It was literally a cheap cardboard box with the original CDs inside.
  2. Re: Steps reunion stuff

    So Steps are performing at G-A-Y tonight. Anyone going? I hope they have fun!
  3. Re: Steps reunion stuff

    They performed around 5/6 hours ago.
  4. Re: Steps reunion stuff

    Oh damn, I didn't realize. I guess no one went?
  5. Re: Steps reunion stuff

    They are probably sleeping or still partying. I think it's just 8am in England right now.
  6. MB


    Re: Steps reunion stuff

    I didn't go but from my hunting around I've found out:
    They performed 6 songs In no particular order
    It's the way you make me feel
    last thing on my mind
    Loves got a hold
    Deeper shade of blue
    Varied between mic stands an head
    And all sung live
  7. Re: Steps reunion stuff

    I'm so out of it (lack of sleep!). Well, that sounds cool. I hope they killed it.
  8. Re: Steps reunion stuff

    It doesn't look like we're getting a new single to go with the tour are we? What a wasted opportunity.
  9. SBK


    Re: Steps reunion stuff

    Would be a terrible idea, when would they promote it?

    They've not recorded anything new since dancing queen either.
  10. Re: Steps reunion stuff

    Holy hooker. Lisa on It's The Way You Make Me Feel. Good grief woman.

    Claire really is struggling with the dance routines in some places too. For the main part, they sounded ok though. Although I'd quite like to castrate whoever had those fucking whistles. What the hell?
  11. Re: Steps reunion stuff

    Lisa & Faye were really, really great.
  12. Re: Steps reunion stuff

    I went last night and i had the time of my life!!! It was heaving but I managed to sneak into the 3rd row from the front. They all sang live and the crowd went mad for them. Everytime Claire sung the place erupted. H said he felt he had come home and felt happy that he could finally go there and be him. And of course they said thank you for getting Ultimate Collection to #1 and promoted the tour. When they finished and were given their flowers Faye and Claire got a bit teary eyed and they kissed eachother on the cheek.

    Songs were Last Thing On My Mind, Better Best Forgotten, Love's Got A Hold On My Heart, It's the Way You Make Me Feel, Deeper Shade of Blue and of course the encore was Tragedy.

    Quite happy to hear early on in the night DJ being played and Better the Devil You Know (I think they did both Kylie and Steps versions but I can't remember now) and when they finished Summer of Love was played too.
  13. Re: Steps reunion stuff

    Watching the videos last night.. funny introduction, and Lisa looks flawless.

    Is it me, or before they sing "It's The Way You Make Me Feel", and Lisa is thanking the fans, it sounds like she says, "Thankyou for getting the Gold Collection to #1".. I guess she meant the Ultimate Collection, or she has been waiting to thank the fans for Gold going to #1 for 10 years.. if so, what a babe.
  14. Re: Steps reunion stuff

    Absolute babe. She used to be my least fave Stepper and now she's clawing up to number 1 alongside Faye. Taking their popstar duties seriously and not being arrogant at all. (Or so to be proven wrong in the next series...) Claire seems really out of her depth, sadly. She's doesn't out-shine the others at any point in the vocals, which she used to do effortlessly.
  15. Re: Steps reunion stuff

    You're all a bunch of fucking bitches.

    I was there last night Steps were AMAZING, better than they'd ever been before. There was fire in their eyes.

    Anyone who has a bad comment to say was obviously at home wanking.
  16. Re: Steps reunion stuff

    What are you on about? No one was being a bitch...
  17. SBK


    Re: Steps reunion stuff

    The article on the Daily Mail is proper bitchy, apparently it wasn't full and they received a mixed reaction.

    It also suggests Lisa and Faye deliberately tried to show Claire up as well by being thinner than her.

    I really don't know how they actually sell papers writing such shit.
  18. Re: Steps reunion stuff

    That was a pretty good show they put on there! Just trying to imagine that but on a much bigger scale.. amazing. Claire is looking amazing too! Lisa bless, putting 120% in.
  19. Re: Steps reunion stuff

    I know right, what a bizarre post.
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