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Steps - The #1 Platinum Collection + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. MB


    Get it now so it won't be close tomorrow!
  2. Phil 'Which pop act are performing on this morning's show?'

    Contestant 'S Club 7'
  3. On a side note, the remix of To The Beat Of My Heart on Faye’s CD is incredible.
  4. W2K


    That just shows you the calibre of This Morning viewers.
  5. The cheek, the nerve, the audacity, the gall and the gumption.
  6. Question is the booklet in the Standard CD the same booklet in the HMV one?

    And they really should have had an HMV exclusive vinyl (and a Black vinyl too). Maybe even an Amazon picture disc?
  7. Good morning to the Chef!
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  8. I would have his Pasta A La Clara

    Oh and it's official then

    It's like the 90's all over again. Love it.
  9. Quick question the Vinyl has 2 slots one for the Vinyl and one which I would assume is for an insert such as track credits etc but there is nothing in there just an empty slot, Is this the way it was intended or they didn't get them printed in time - or am I missing something from my copy?
  10. Oh nice, a little more publicity..
  11. Mine is the same. I feel it should have another vinyl or at least a Lyric sheet included.
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  12. I am absolutely gobsmacked they outsold the Manics by 2k in one day. They surely must have had lots of physicals added due to them getting dispatched late. Lets just hope the Manics don't have the same tomorrow.

    This is going to be a bloody nailbiter.
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  13. Thanks it does feel like something is missing, I had asked Townsend but hasn't responded yet and haven't seen any mention on it.
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  14. One more vinyl variant, even a standard black one in stores and they’d probably have the #1 in the bag - that’s so frustrating.
  15. Bopping my arse off now to a Steps medley on This Morning - One For Sorrow, Deeper Shade of Blue, Stomp & Tragedy so far!
  16. It's the same for me.
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  17. Wow that’s the best I’ve ever heard Faye sound on her opening Tragedy verse.
  18. I can't watch it live but I'm glad the first performance went well. Their vocals have been so strong lately, so I'm glad they're showing people what they can do.
  19. Phil getting the album name wrong ¡!

    I know we want to see them doing the new songs, but this medley should prove to the casuals that they are a fun act with sounds they know and want to see on tour
  20. W2K


    Claire on One For Sorrow and Faye on Tragedy sounding the best they’ve ever sounded on This Morning, well done girlies!
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