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Steps - The #1 Platinum Collection + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. I would be happy even with £25pp refunded. That way we've still paid £475 each!

    Also it does say we can take our masks off for the photo so there's that at the very least
  2. Surely the simple solution is... hold on to your knickers, girls... just require people to wear masks inside at all times!
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  3. Well is Steps xarr
    This. Something like this is all they need to do. A part refund due to the lack of expected service.
    I work in a similar industry and something like this is exactly what we would do.
    That, or they could arrange some drinks/hospitality vouchers. Or an awesome merch pack.
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  4. Also, as someone else mentioned, is this Steps facemask gonna be the VIP Gift? Cos if so I'll riot
  5. MB


    I'd hope not! I'll be joining you in the riot if it is.
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  6. Was there a VIP gift last time? I honestly can't remember.
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  7. W2K


    Just a signed programme.
  8. Ah yeah, of course. This time, we get both though?
  9. Hmm i have mixed feelings about this. Obviously I knew things would be a bit different, but I'm going to feel like a bit of gimp stood on an apple crate to talk to them. And I'm assuming we will be doing this and having our photos taken in front of the other queueing guests, which similarly to my experience in 2012 will feel a little impersonal.

    And if the face mask is the gift I won't be especially happy either, I already have one of the WTFH ones and it's so small and pulls my ears to the point I look like a trophy
  10. I don't think the facemask will be the gift.
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  11. The gift is Lisa.
  12. If Steps were that concerned about testing positive then, surely the simplest thing for them to do would have been to cancel the Meet and Greets. End Of.

    My fear is that we're going to be in a position that we're going to get this as a standard for £500, but on the next tour, if you pay £600, you'll be allowed within 1 metre to them or whatever. Many people fear we will never get back to a pre covid 'normal' so if this is the new normal, then I'd rather not have a Meet and Greet, despite the group being amazing, but it is most certainly not the situation we were led to believe we would be in a year ago when we booked. I understand that that's neither the group or Event Travels problem or issue, but a gesture of a refund or an 'extra' aspect to the experience wouldn't go amiss. I'm glad I'm in the majority on this one.
  13. SBK


    Not really relevant though is it?

    If steps come into contact with covid right now, there's no implications. They have four weeks to isolate.

    If some antivaxxers rock on up in Sheffield on night one and give some or all of them covid, hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of pounds would be at steak - shows may need to be cancelled or rescheduled...

    You get to meet them on the stage and probably get a nice picture with the stage in the background

    Personally think that's cooler than some non descript room out the back.

    You're still meeting and greeting, nowhere in the packag did it promise close contact. Its for your safety as much as theirs...
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  14. If I remember correctly, the gift on the Party on the Dancefloor Tour was a *quite nice* messenger bag?
    Only because I emailed Event Travel asking if I could pay for some for me and my friends if any stock was remaining (they said no)

    If the mask is the gift, I will be claiming some sort of refund or something. Especially as I will be wearing/bringing my own mask with me
    I'm actually looking forward to the Meet and Greet though. It'll be nice to have it in front of the stage (I presume that the curtains will be up rather than us in front of the exposed stage) I think with it being at the end of the catwalk too will probably make it feel like you are closer to them. They probably have looked at the staging and worked around that and tried different possibilities?

    That said, I do think they have tried to make the best out of a less than ideal situation. We all thought it would be much better than what we are currently at, but to actually have the tour go ahead and we can see them live again will I'm sure outweigh the issues that could arise from the Meet and Greet.
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  15. I'd probably be much too nervous to stand right beside and try to hug them in a meet and greet, so I actually think I prefer this.
  16. W2K


    I mean, this is a bit ridiculous to say the least.
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  17. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

  18. Care to explain why?
  19. Well one issue I took with it was the comment about anti vaxxers. People who haven't had the vaccine have to provide a negative test so it won't be them bringing it in, it'll be the people who think the vaccine is a magical fix all.

    I know that everyone doing M&G has to provide a negative test regardless of vaccination but it does piss me off that for general admission, being vaccinated is all you need when you could still be carrying the virus. Negative tests are the only sure way to keep us all safe. Yes the vaccine is wonderful and I fully support it. But it's not a fix all and we still need to be careful even with it

    There's going to thousands of people just assuming they're safe and not bothering to test.
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  20. I can see the Meet & Greet situation from both sides and think there needs to be an element of pragmatism and understanding from fans and Event Travel.

    Ultimately, it is about keeping everyone as safe as possible and reducing the risk of the tour having to be cancelled etc.

    I think the proposed set-up offers scope for a more 'creative' photo and my hope would be that there would be some thought put into this (by Event Travel, Fascination and Steps themselves) to offset any perceived disappointment and 'make the best out of a bad situation'. Also, I think those attending the Meet & Greet could be offered additional merch as a goodwill. Ultimately, I'm just happy this is all going ahead.

    That said, I also think Event Travel could be a little more pragmatic/flexible and understanding and offer a partial/full refund to those fans who genuinely feel they are not getting the experience that they "signed up" for 14 months ago in the hope/faith that restrictions would be gone. I'm sure the Meet & Greets were sold with a similar hope on the part of Event Travel.
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