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Steps - The #1 Platinum Collection + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. I'm going to assume it's 2nd class, hence it not arriving yet. In which case, yeah £2.95 is hefty, considering it's small enough to fit through a letterbox. I don't actually remember there being other postage options, but I wish I'd picked a faster one.
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  2. Platinum collection back up in the top 20 of iTunes.
  3. My CD and DVD were waiting for me when I got home from work :)
  4. My Blu-Ray is here and on already. It didn't actually play in my blu-ray player but was fine for the Playstation. The editing is actually really good considering the circumstances. It just is so lovely to be able to relive this night.
  5. My DVD is at the local DC, so I’m hoping it will come tomorrow.
    Looking forward to hearing all Steve’s arrangement again.
  6. Just looking back at Faye’s Instagram. Lovely pic of her and her Mum and Dad at her graduation. I hope she did get to one (or more) of the concerts this summer.
  7. My photo book is off for delivery but got it sent to work, so won't be in work until next week!
  8. I wonder if a digital release or digital audio release is coming tomorrow?
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  9. Got my dispatch email for the deluxe book of the tour DVD. This is being sent by Royal Mail Tracked 48hr, so hopefully should be here by Saturday.
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  10. Come on Steps. Give us the Platinum Collection on DVD/Blu-Ray; every single video and Behind The Scenes thing you have. (Just put Gold out again and add on the new stuff.)
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  11. can we have a repackage with the pre and after party tracks on cd too please
  12. I wished I had bought it, but I'm broke.
  13. SBK


    My book hasn't been scanned by Royal Mail yet so I doubt it'll be here before Tuesday.
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  14. It’s like the invented a less than 2nd class just for this
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  15. Mine arrived today, so I'm just about to pop it in.
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  16. Same. Haven’t seen many people really post videos or a images of theirs so at least I don’t feel like I’m missing out.
  17. I'm resisting the urge to keep going down to check my post box...
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  18. Has anyone noticed the autotune glitch in Lisa's voice on the JRMX Club Mix of Better The Devil?

    During her verse: "If you say you love m*e*e*e*e*". It exists in the main version but they try to hide it, but now I can't unhear it in either!
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  19. Mine has just come. I’ll be watching it soon.
  20. I'm super impressed with how they've pieced together the show for the blu-ray. They've done as good a job as we could have expected, in the circumstances.

    I didn't see this tour live, so I'm thoroughly enjoying the first proper watch. It's a really good show.

    I know it's not unusual for them to do a little jiggery pokery on the vocals to make them all shiny and lovely, but they have done a lot of heavy lifting in some parts. It's easy to compare to some of the fan vids of the tour, and woooooo lord have they smoothed out some of the creases here. Not to dunk on her, but it's very noticeable with Lisa, who sounds immaculate on the blu-ray, but a little....wild, on fan videos haha

    Also, Slightest Touch does indeed go the fuck off, buuuuuuut I wish they'd done a better job with the lighting, especially on the dance break. It's practically in darkness for the whole song. If they'd just lit the stage behind and done a better job with utilising the screens for that track, it would be incredible.
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