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Steps - The #1 Platinum Collection

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

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    Michelle's instagram story with Faye and H about learning chereo today. This must have been an old upload surely? They can't be learning chereo after wrapping the video?
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  2. Maybe for some performances? Michelle is guest announcer on Saturday Night Takeaway so maybe Steps are doing that?
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    No wait, I've gone full Jessica Fletcher. They're wearing the same outfits as they were in this post from last Friday. So definitely an old video.
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  4. Finally! ‘Last Thing On My Mind’ was the lipsync song on Drag Race UK this week. Perfect timing with the new single rollout!
  5. Urgh - spoilers
  6. Whilst we await the new video, I thought I would drop my annual drunk and emosh Steps post.

    Last Thing On My Mind, Chain Reaction, Scared Of The Dark and Something In Your Eyes have been my favourite bops for 4 consecutive decades and S Club 7/B*Witched/Blue/Whoever-you-want could absolutely, definitively, under-no-circumstances ev-er. They are being the iconic queens of pop they should have been from the start.

    We really are so, so lucky as fans.

    But if Lisa sends another 240p GIF of herself for the Heartbreak video I am quitting and buying Borelow tickets.
  7. Love this. I loved s club too but looking back they seemed (and i hate the word) cheesier. Their songs dont seem to have had the lasting appeal for me personally. Ive said it before and i will again out of all the bands that were seen to be cooler at the time i love the fact that STEPS came back with a bang and still going and loved!
    Its amazing they have out stayed their original run!
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  8. H has just posted something along the lines of...another busy day learning a new dance routine for...To the Beat of my Heart! So many things to unpack here...1. They must have TV performance(s) scheduled for To the Beat of My Heart 2. Why is Michelle with them- is she learning the dance routine for To The Beat of my Heart?? 3. Where is HRH LSL? 4. As much as I love 'Michelle from Steps' I hope she is a Heartbreak collab only and not a stand-in for HRH LSL for a To The Beat of my Heart performance
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  9. He got it wrong and changed it.
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    Sis chill.
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  11. Ha! Just noticed this. I really did wonder. Justice for Lisa!
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  12. Okay, no T, no shade.

    But why are Steps so hated on this forum? (Outside this thread obviously)

    Like I literally see it nowhere else, in real life, on Twitter, on other forums etc. But on here? On Popjustice of all places. Pop!! Oof, the snobbery jumps out.
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    You answered your own question.
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  14. Girl put that under a spoiler tag.
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  15. Yeah it was unfortunate for me because I was just about to play the episode.
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  16. Thanks for this...

  17. The "Popjustice community" has fragmented quite a bit over the years.

    I'm almost afraid of posting in Pop & Justice sometimes.
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  19. Don't be afraid, there's a wanker to be found in every thread, in every sub-forum, it's in the Forum Rules
  20. 7BA2465E-B42A-4FBE-9558-3628595D69BA.jpeg

    Sean Smith 'Swing For The 90's' album track listing... ( cover of Steps)
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