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Steps - The #1 Platinum Collection

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. And tragically enough haha
    I am one of those Uncles!
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  2. Also throwing in a PWL/SAW remix into the ring - the job they did with Every Day's Like Christmas was really good
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  3. I'd be very much here for a Pete Hammond retro mix in this kind of style

  4. Disappointed this is no longer on Spotify

    But think this style could suit them very well
  5. They've never really leaned into that 80s sound beyond this (which is the only mix of this song I like)

    That would be a great sound for them.
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  6. I hated that Say You'll Be Mine remix dd.
  7. The Matt Pop remix of Say You'll Be Mine, made me actually fall in love with the song again after dismissing it for years. I love the Matt Pop mix, but now I unashamedly love the song in it's original form too!
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  8. The only bearable version of this song really. I love it.
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  9. I've never hated Say You'll Be Mine like a few people do - I've always just thought it was odd that they ignored it for years considering it was one of the rare songs of theirs where all five had a line and that was always a contentious issue for them.
  10. I still very much stan Say You'll Be Mine.
    The remix is great and adds something new to the song.
    But I have always liked it.
  11. I don't think I ever hated it really, I just used to skip it most of the time. I sort of did the same thing with After The Love Has Gone for a while too. I think Say You'll Be Mine is strange in the way it sounds, compared to their other stuff. It's much less ABBAish and I don't think any of their other songs had that kind of vibe. I do think it sounds better as an '80s PWL song. It seems to fit really well with it.
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  12. Probably early to tell, but is the new album up against any strong contenders for the number 1 spot?
  13. From what I can see, the only realistic contender so far is Diana Ross.
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  14. I imagine they'll be filming the video for the lead single shortly, and that Lisa will be in the UK for at least a little while because she'll need to sign the CDs at some point too.
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  16. MB


    Wonder if that's the next single...
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  17. It has been mentioned before and it is Track 1. So in prime single territory.
    Exciting times.
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  18. Exciting times indeed, not least for me as I was the lucky one that got to interview him for Revamp...
    What a nice guy.
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  19. You lucky bugger.
  20. How does this man get better looking with every passing year? That is some Benjamin Button shit.
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