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Steps - The #1 Platinum Collection

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Right then... Do we assume this After party version is a Thursday release depending on how close they are by the end of the week?
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  2. Mvnl

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  3. The signed deluxe 2CD is down to £9.99 on Amazon
  4. MB


    did we miss the what the future holds tour?
  5. Lee


    Does anybody know the actual sales of the album so far?
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  6. Considering some venues are sold out or close to it - rebranding as a greatest hits tour to flog those last few tickets seems a bit unwarranted
  7. W2K


    Well that’s disappointing for us diehards if it’s being rebranded.
  8. Love Faye’s harmonies on this.
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  9. I really can’t see more than the 6 current singles from both parts being performed on the tour, alongside Scared and Neon as the only new Steps material. I’m even scared for To The Beat Of My Heart after the Radio 2 gig.

    Part of me thinks though… this just gives them more selling power if they wanted to do an anti-tour style affair with album tracks for fans at a later point!
  10. They’re signing the vinyl covers right now.
  11. Is that more copies coming or ones that were sold yesterday?
  12. Probably just the ones that sold yesterday but I’m not sure. H posted on his Insta story them rush signing vinyls
  13. There’ll probably be a lot of medleys this tour!
  14. It was always going to be a Greatest Hits tour, regardless. But I think we will get a few tracks from each album being performed live.
  15. I'll be really gutted if 'To The Beat Of My Heart' doesn't make the setlist.

    I'm aware I keep going on about this, but you know just in case anyone's reading!
  16. If it was in a medley, what older songs do you think it would go with?
  17. Hope the branding of the actual shows is What The Future Holds - programme, merchandise etc
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  18. Agreed, I'm hoping none of the 'All The Hits - UK Tour' / Steptember graphics are used for merch.
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  19. Official Charts are really getting involved but this suggestion...


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