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Steps - The #1 Platinum Collection

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. I wasn't being sarcastic - Linda and Velvet's Victorious is a different (would-be) Mello entry from Lina's Victorious (the one Steps did), but they share more than a passing resemblance.
  2. Ooh, oops. Well I've still never heard of what you posted so it isn't that!
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  3. I guess in some ways it sounds like a lighter version of Euphoria by Loreen.
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  4. The closest I can get is (0:35)

    But I'm still not satisfied!
  5. I need to get saving then!
  6. Part 2 is cute, nothing (may never) tops To The Beat Of My Heart, but I'll be keeping Living In A Lie, Wasted Tears, Take Me For A Ride, Slightest Touch and Kiss Of Life on heavy rotation until the tour.
  7. I love the amount of love there is of To The Beat Of My Heart on here.
  8. Something In Your Eyes and To the Beat of My Heart are the best of the 22 tracks, but Part 2 makes for a more satisfying listen. The Slightest Touch rounds out that holy trinity.
  9. I agree.
    I honestly never expected them to hit such highs again, but I'm so glad they have.
  10. Oh, man, this reminds me a lot of something that I can't place. It's probably whatever you're thinking of. I want to say it's the A*Teens, but that may just be influenced by trying to think of acts we both like.
    (Is that Dianna Agron? Oh my god.)
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  11. Same... how infuriating haha
  12. I thought we already had that?!
  13. SBK


    Yeah, she's told us it nearly it every time its brought up since 2011.

    I made Pasta ala Clara once back in the day - it just didn't work, soup is just too runny, its just pasta in soup... I might try the new version one day.
  14. SBK


    I was watching a Chain Reaction video yesterday and was thinking, vocally, it really is the ideal Steps song. Everyone gets a part, Lee is all over lead BVs... Claire gets to belt it out... The ad-libs... Perfect.
  15. W2K


    Chain Reaction is one of my favourites. An absolute stormer of a song.
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  16. Fantastic cover. That/those key changes are amazing. Claire's vocals are on point.
    I still feel a bit bad for Lee on it though.
    And I still struggle with the dance on this one.

    Btw that advert CD1/2 contents. I miss CD singles so badly!
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  17. SBK


    He's more audible on the single than he ever was on their entire discography post 5678.
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  18. Even this fact I find quite funny actually.
    Almost like it was contractual.
    "Whoever sings lead in the debut may never sing again!" Haha
  19. Did anybody else get an e-mail from the official store for an instant grat track. I click the link but can't see what it is.
  20. I think it might be for the full Wasted Tears Initial Talk remix on Lisa's CD!
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