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Steps - The #1 Platinum Collection

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

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  2. I received my Step One jumper today and I love it. It’s really good quality and a nice fit too!
  3. They can licence the rights to the recordings from Sony, but that'll still be expensive. Like I said before, it can be done - see Sophie Ellis Bextor. But whether it's worth it I've no idea.
  4. Just go for Gold Volume 2.

    Thats how I have it on my iTunes. All of the singles since Light Up the World (including that song, yes) plus Wasted Tears, Glitter & Gold, Living in a Lie, Under My Skin and Hundred Years of Winter.

    Toss in 2 new tracks and boom, you've got 18. If they can get the rights, bundle it with Gold Part 1 or something.
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  5. BMG and Sony could also co-release a greatest hits, like BMG and Parlophone did with Kylie, or like Geffen/MCA and Warner Bros. did with Cher. BMG could even license the new(er) stuff to Sony and have them release it.
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  6. I would love a re-recording of a handful of their biggest hits with an update in production to the tracks eg. recent tour versions. Voulez-vous would be a nice addition as it has never been released before, too.
  7. Sony & BMG are hardly sworn enemies anyway. They have a long history of being in business together.
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  8. A Hundred Years of Winter being played on H’s BBC Radio Wales show right now. Is this a hint?
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  9. I'm not one to bring negativity to this thread but I really don't get the love for A Hundred Years Of Winter. Even though I'm not a huge fan of To The Beat Of My Heart, I totally get why people stan it. It's just not for me. But A Hundred Years, I skip every time and don't get the hype. Wish I could see what I'm missing.
  10. SBK


    Same. Winter is nice. But I just don't think it'd be a great single. Certainly not now we've filled the mid tempo quota for this campaign with Take Me For A Ride.
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  11. A Hundred Years is possibly my favourite on the album. It’s the one song I’m desperate for an acoustic on as I think it would fit very well and they haven’t had this style of song since It’s the Way You Make Me Feel. I’m not sure why everyone thinks Take Me For A Ride is a mid-tempo. It’s a bop, it’s just not as poppers o clock bpm as their previous singles
  12. Yeah Take Me For A Ride isn't that different a tempo from Chain Reaction is it?
  13. A Hundred Years would sound better if the lead vocal was either a) in a key the lead vocalist could comfortably hit or b) sang by a different lead vocalist (ie Faye, or, you know.... Or me.)
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  14. This still sends me. It’s as iconic as the b-list line.
  15. I also think it should be called Glitter & Gold, I've thought it for a while

    CD ONE

    1. 5,6,7,8
    2. Last Thing On My Mind
    3. One For Sorrow
    4. Heartbeat
    5. Tragedy
    6. Better Best Forgotten
    7. Love's Got A Hold On My Heart
    8. After The Love Has Gone
    9. Say You'll Be Mine
    10. Better The Devil You Know
    11. Deeper Shade Of Blue
    12. When I Said Goodbye
    13. Summer Of Love
    14. Stomp
    15. It's The Way You Make Me Feel
    16. Here & Now
    17. You'll Be Sorry
    18. Chain Reaction
    19. Words Are Not Enough
    20. Baby Don't Dance
    CD TWO
    1. Light Up The World
    2. Scared Of The Dark
    3. Story Of A Heart
    4. Neon Blue
    5. Dancing With A Broken Heart
    6. What The Future Holds
    7. Something In Your Eyes
    8. To The Beat Of My Heart
    9. Heartbreak In This City
    10. Take Me For A Ride
    11. The Slightest Touch
    12. A Hundred Years Of Winter
    13. NEW SINGLE
    14. NEW SONG
    15. NEW SONG
    (I would personally ALWAYS choose Baby Don't Dance over I Know Him So Well)

    Maybe each member could choose a favourite album track/bside to bump CD2 up to 20
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  16. Ohhh I adore Hundreds. It's up there for me together with tracks like To The One, September Sun. These are the moodier vibes we get from Steps and I'm living for them. Dark, moody, experimental, but biutifullll at the same time.

    I want Steps to records more songs like these in the next record. We know it's Steps at their absolute best when they do a full-on poppers o'clock bangers such as Scared, Chain, What The Future, Something, but isn't it just nice to sort of chill and sit back and enjoy these "mid tempos" as well. Not all Steps songs have to be in my face at all times if that makes sense.
  17. By the way, I can't decide which is better Tears or Part 2. Both are up there for me in terms of:

    1. Solid album tracks for the non-singles

    2. Flow of the album (except for I Will Love Again and probably High)

    3. And can we talk about the gorgeous album artwork (Tears, gotten us all quite emotional with that throwback to Step One artwork and whoaaaaah, that neon pink just screams buy me, buy me! Loving that subtle Lee's pose with both hands "tied" behind his back ready to serve, I mean... wooooh Military Steps!)
  18. A Hundred Years of Winter is stunning.
  19. I love “A Hundred Years of Winter,” I’m
    surprised I like it so much considering it’s predominantly male-led and the girls take a bit of a back seat. I think it’s a nice change of pace, vocally and stylistically for the band and the lyrics are gorgeous.

    It’s “High” that I’m not the biggest fan of - it’s listenable but just such a weird choice for them as a group, I think it would have fit better on Claire’s solo album, very similar to the sort of songs on My Wildest Dreams.
  20. A Hundred Years Of Winter is a strange one. It's not a "go to" for me. While it does stand out on the album and is well produced. As a song is good but I'm still not sure if it's single worthy. Whereas The Slightest Touch and Wasted Tears are definitely that.

    I don't dislike the song and my man does have a verse in it, so there's a win there. Maybe it's the use of H's vocals (of which I'm not the biggest fan of) that erks me about it.

    However I can see this song having an awesome video. After Take Me For A Ride I guess I wanted something more punchy for the next single Wasted Tears/Living In A Lie/Trouble And Love maybe?

    Yet as a song it's actually pretty great.
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