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Steps - The #1 Platinum Collection

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Do we count Especially For You?
  2. Reluctant to count both Thank Abba For The Music and Especially For You - I wouldn't class them as Steps tracks
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  3. Definitely not. Nice "extras" but they are not billed as just "Steps"
  4. W2K


    Hard 2 Forget is a stone cold bop. Love love love. They all sound brilliant. Loving the Angel City vibes.
  5. Where are you hearing it?
  6. W2K


    Zoe Ball’s breakfast show, from 8:40am x
  7. MB


    It’s on iTunes…

    Hard 2 Forget - Single by Steps

    I absolutely love it. Very close to the vincint version which I loved but obviously with Steps vocals it sounds immense. Lee sounds the best he has really, and HRH LSL getting an ad lib is gay rights.

    Throw 99p at it and make LSL happy with another iTunes #1.
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  8. W2K


    Couldn’t agree more, I really really love it.
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  9. TMI


    It hasn’t surfaced on Spotify yet. Just a question of minutes I guess.

    Edit : Now available on Spotify.
  10. MB


  11. This is fucking brilliant!

    They all sound great on it. Such a bop.
    A great version from the original (which I thought might be too "edgy" for them) but totally works. I need more of this from them.
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  12. Oh Lisa love me right...
  13. I loved the Vincint song but the production on this just sounds so flat.

    Maybe it needs another listen but I’m a bit disappointed.
  14. Same... I wasn't a fan of the Vincint song and there's no improvement in their version... I was hoping for another Slightest Touch... Maybe after a few repeats and the music video...
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  15. TMI


    It’s basically the same backing track as in Vincint’s song. I love Lisa’s parts and I like the added vocal touches but I must confess I’m a little disappointed.
  16. I was expecting they improve the song in The Slightest Touch level, not Something In Your Eyes or Victorious. I wasn't fan of the original and the special thing in Steps version is just their own voice.
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  17. TMI


    Bring on What the Future Holds Live now, it would be about time.
  18. It does get better after a few listens. True the backing track/production is similar to the original.
    Yet purely in the "Steps Context" is a great sound for them.
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  19. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Yeah the instrumental is very.. bare?
    Could do with some bass and strings
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