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Steps - The #1 Platinum Collection

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. W2K


    Video is boring, does nothing for me, but I still love the song.
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  2. Expose ha
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  3. The chorus is a bit lacklustre for a Steps track. :(
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  4. The last greatest hits gave us Dancing Queen so we can all be thankful for what we have this time around
  5. I forgot about that one, I always think Platinum is 2nd official greatest hits.
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  6. Well I love the song and I love the simplicity of the video. They all look fab.
  7. Steps serving disco-kebab realness is a moment I'm here for.
  8. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Let Charity do Charity too xx
  9. I didn't realise it was a cover. I'm a little over them doing covers but appreciate it's a new song for a greatest hits so I guess that's fine. I just think they could have chosen a stronger song to cover, perhaps? I don't hate it but I don't find it very remarkable either. Perhaps the original is a banger, I don't know.

    The video is quite nice, though I do miss seeing a dance routine. I hope this isn't them attempting to ditch the chorography in their videos.

    It doesn't quite feel as celebratory as I'd have liked but overall it's not bad and they all look/sound amazing.
  10. It's certainly going to sound weird going from this to Better Best Forgotten or Loves Got a Hold on shuffle.
  11. I think the video is great, yeah they've done better but it's not awful. The song is a grower!
  12. Never heard the original so can't compare. It's ok but I expected more. Feels a little bit flat.
  13. The song is flat compared to Steps standard, but all songs in the chart are worse, they're all boring and generic. I hope general people will accept Hard2Forget more than us fanbase.
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  14. MB


    I actually think it’s a really good modern pop video. I feel it puts them on a par with modern acts and as much as we all want a full dance routine you don’t get it often these days.
  15. The song and video haven't blown me away, but I like them both.
  16. If Faye doesn’t bring back her bouffant from Scared of the Dark and the rest don’t copy her, I will not be happy.
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  17. W2K


    You’ll get Claire’s shit fringe and like it
  18. Back from work and really like Hard2Forget, as a song and video, but can't ever envisage getting a live performance of good quality of it because the vocals/background adlibs are so all over the place.
  19. Have to say the interview this morning was fab too.
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