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Steps - The #1 Platinum Collection

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by johnoc2006, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Steps didn't ruin Boxing Day for me, but they did ruin new year's eve, when I was stuck in the corner of a pub for over an hour with a friend's boyfriend who was so distraught about their selfish behaviour that he was (he claimed) suicidal.
  2. *weeps*

    I find, if anything, it gets harder.
  3. My goodness their music hasn't aged well, i cannot even listen to them anymore. or maybe I've just grown up.
  4. i will always love steps. i've been playing GOLD all through the holidays. :)
  5. I loved Steps when they were around. I remember not being upset with the split though, cos i prepared myself for it to happen when all the rumours had been flying around earlier that year.

    I just thought to myself that i was gonna be getting 5 albums a year instead of 1! How wrong was I! HA!

  6. You've been dying for Boxing Day to come so you can write this!
  7. Sephi101

    Sephi101 Guest

    steps will never be the same again so they really shouldnt bother ever reforming. they shouldnt lower themselves. when i watch a steps video now, i cringe in embaressment, especially when the video of HEARTBEATS on the telly
  8. I can't believe how that video has lasted the test of time - i saw it on The Hits yesterday - how mad!
  9. Steps?
  10. With Lisa Scott Lee doing Strictly Come Ice Dancing and H doing Celebrity Big Brother and Claire probably doing Celebrity Fat Club and Faye trying to keep her dignity and Lee doing fuck all that anyone's interested in it'll be like they've never been away.
  11. H is getting voted out first!
  12. Shes turned it down actually.
    Anyway shes pregnant and happy, and thats what matters.

    Lisa....well I hope she learned how to skate properly and as for H.....I reckon that closet is about to kick him right out!

    Oh and yet again...I forgot, does that make me a crap fan?
  13. As massive a Steps fan as I was, I now have to be much drunker than I used to be to find them amusing, so yes: Steps day is getting much easier. Some of their songs really do make me leave the dancefloor, some make me leave the room and 'Say You'll be Mine' would make me leave the building.

    I don't miss them now. Other people are making pop music that gets me going just as much and is slightly more socially acceptable so there is no need for them these days. Sorry, guys!

    If they were to come back, I'd request a Timbaland remake of 'Buzzz'.
  14. oooh, thats a good idea! Would love to hear that
  15. It is quite frankly amazing how dated their music has become in such a short space of time.
  16. It was very late 90's which is what was big at the time. I don't think Deeper Shade of Blue or One For Sorrow have dated though.

    But then i guess its the same with other pop groups in that time period. For me, Don't Stop Moving and Never Had A Dream Come true or the only S Club songs that have stood the test of time.
  17. 5 years. Unbelievable. Well, I still love them, and It's The Way You Make Me Feel remains one of my favourite songs ever.
  18. I never found Steps to influential or even useful as a band. They sounded like a really over-done musical for children with EVERY song they did. It's The Way That you Make Me Feel was their only good song, and that's a shame.

    Steps really. I don't get it.
  19. I don't think it's so much their music which has dated, more the 'concept' of Steps, five smiley boys and girls in dayglo outfits doing cheesy dance routines and camp/silly videos that just looks, well, wrong! A lot of the tracks will stay party faves for years to come, songs like 'Tragedy' and 'One for sorrow', if they re-formed now it just wouldn't look right. Leave it where it is, same with S Club.
  20. SBK


    I think the reason the music had dated was because it was mostly done by Pete Waterman... all his work sounds dated.

    The songs he didn't produce (see: 2 thirds of the buzz album) arnt that dated, here and now, its the way you make me feel etc....
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